Christmas Party 2017: A Warm and Meaningful Celebration

News & PR 20 February, 2017 Hoai Thanh

It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Lights fill the street with so much cheer.Mistletoe by Justin Bieber


Self-decorated offices for celebrating company christmas party

A year full of challenges along with unexpected happiness is just about to end. As we had wished for a merry night with colleagues surrounding, framers stayed together at our self-decorated office to enjoy not only delicious food but also joys for the company Christmas Party 2017. We were able to find bright beams of every framer just around the corner while they were doing their tasks.


People might feel worn out sometimes trying to finish their works at the office so they could come home early for a cozy night spending time with family members. Guess what! It has never happened at fram^ before. Everyone was so keen on the corporate Christmas Party 2017 that they strived to get works done as soon as possible and sit back then together having a blissful night with the others. So, how was your preparation for Christmas night?


Moments of joys at fram’s company christmas party

Set all burdens and exhaustion aside to place the atmosphere with the pleasant vibe is all we did at our company Christmas Party 2017. While partying, we could totally not skip the games part, for it has been one of the best ways for us to tighten the relationship among framers. Then, a few gambles were not too bad to stir up the atmosphere.


Company christmas party was heated by a bit of gambles


Ding dang dong, Santa Claus is coming to town!!!


Santa Claus makes his way to fram’s company christmas party

Yes, Santa Claus did make his way to fram^ turning the night even merrier as it was going so well with laughter and stories shared, especially when he is our Chairman – Chris. We gathered around not only to take pictures with him and receive his wishes but to make long-lasting moments with our companions in the top-notch company Christmas party as well. It was a fantastic night with good food, laughter, amazing stories, and people. Thus, why should we wish for anything else when we got all of them?


Nowhere else could you find leaders with dedication and great personalities but fram^, and nowhere else could you be able to look for wonderful fellows and companionship but fram^. It is a blessing and will be a blessing that we can continue this journey forever together by corporate Christmas party 2017. May Y’all have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Group picture for fram’s company christmas party

We have more interesting activities such as Charity Event 2017 and Year-end Party 2017 to share.

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