Fram^ Shares Love In The Company Charity Event 2017

News & PR 20 February, 2017 Hoai Thanh

Meaningful fram’s company charity with heaps of love

As hustling days pass by, we are busy handling tight schedules. We might forget to take a step slower to make time for care and empathy about the other unfortunate lives around, also to appreciate people and things we have in our lives by charity activities. And so, we as framers embarked a Fram company charity visit to an orphanage called Bamboo Village – a warm and loving shelter for homeless elders, abandoned children and children with disabilities.

Taking place on a sunny day of January, Fram’s first company charity event is packed with full of enthusiasms. We couldn’t hold back for a compassionate and inspiring trip which is to meet and share with unlucky people while en route. In relation to the purpose of making large helping hands to them, framers had donated their old clothes, kid toys, and even money for days before the trip took place. Raising a bigger fund so that inhabitants at the Bamboo Village would have more food and warm clothes for a delightful Tet was all our desire. We finally reached the sanctuary after having had driven for over 2 hours and gone through about 70km of roads full of clouds of dust and rocks.

Everything we had planned for Fram in this company charity was worth a try when we saw bright smiles lightening faces of everyone at the orphanage we met that welcomed us heartily. They ran out immediately to the entrance to welcome us right after hearing the sounds of our coach reaching the destination. The kids cheered and hung onto every framer, keeping talking and asking loads of questions until we got into the shelter. We were really overwhelmed by the delight, along with the hospitality of little inhabitants. The moment we opened boxes containing food, clothes, and toys totally excited the children that they acclaimed and quarreled with the others to fight for their favorite toys or pieces of clothes, making us feel so pleased and satisfied.

A child’s look of hidden sorrows found during company charity

However, the excitements that framers got when taking steps to the village left to make room for sympathy and regret to abandoned and disabled children there. They came and played with us with innocent smiles yet sorrow hid behind their eyes. The kids were so lovable that neither of us could be able to imagine how come some parents left their children abandoned and living a miserable life which lacks love and essential daily necessities. Little could we do to make big changes via several local (charity) activity there but have pinches in our hearts seeing naive faces who fight for their lives under poor living condition. For the rest of our charity activities, every framer spent precious minutes to play with them, patiently listening to their babbling voices that told us about little daily stories or feelings for having us visit the sanctuary.

It was hard saying goodbye to all dear inhabitants at Bamboo Village, as it was time for us to leave and rush back to the hustling pace of life in Ho Chi Minh City. During charity activity at the orphanage, we gave and received heaps of love and what’s more, we were taught how to treasure what we have been bestowed in our lives, together with handing out helps and love to the unfortunate people in our society. This company charity of Fram on 6th of January has begun a new year with plenty of love, emotions, and motivations, encouraging us to take it up for a notch for a better productive year. At fram^, we care about contributions not only to the organization but also to human and society. fram^ 1st!!!

We have more interesting activities such as Christmas party 2017 and Year-end party 2017 to share.

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