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Rely on a trusted partner for all your data needs. Organize, protect and analyze sensitive information and customer data. Identify new opportunities for growth.

How fram^ Standing Teams™ can support your data requirements

  • The decision to outsource data services can be daunting. But as your fram^ Standing Team™ is dedicated to your business, you can access faster, safer service than with any conventional agency.
  • Our full-service solution comprises data entry, processing and analytics, giving you a bird’s-eye view over all your data touchpoints.
  • We can also build bespoke data management software, and help you retrieve the data needed to back up your ambitions, plan your next move, and keep your business on the right track.

fram^’s track record in data services

fram^ data services partners help clients to navigate and simplify the complexities of modern business and technology, delivering the insights & solutions needed to improve their existing programs.

“The fram^ team took us through the process of finding a top tier principal developer, with not only great coding skills and experience, but also strong understanding of maths and geometry. This was a great help for us since we do a lot of number crunching and handle big amounts of data.”


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