How to Correctly Hire Web Development Team

Sean Boyle & Ha Bui

3 Steps to Take to Hire Web Development Team

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, there is no doubt that your website is one of your biggest assets. An attractive and appealing website that also provides all the necessary functionality can have a huge impact on the success of your business in the long run. As such, it’s best to hire web development team that will bring your vision to life.


  • Cast the Net Wide


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Perhaps your project has a limited scope and you just need a freelancer or two, there is a wide range of talent and hourly rates on offer on freelance outsourcing sites such as Upwork. But if your project requires you to hire a web development team or teams, you need to find a provider that can build and maintain a team to your exact requirements. But how can you know which one will deliver the goods?


The first-hand recommendation from a previous client is the best measure of a prospective provider’s likely success. If it is not possible to attain from within your network, you can still contact previous clients of the outsourcing agency to find out about their experience with their development team. You could go to a hackathon or conference to find a professional team of engineers or seek them out on Linkedin.


  • Evaluate Your Options


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Don’t fall for the first partner who asks you to dance, with your product’s long-term future at stake, you need to make sure it is in reliable hands. Shortlist a handful of professional web development companies and compare their portfolios, do their areas of expertise match your needs? Make a checklist of what you are looking for.


Be as specific as possible about what it is you want from your product and what type of software development team you need. Are you looking for web or mobile app development and which features form the core of your product? They will need to have the infrastructure to keep the developers happy and motivated while they plan, build and update your product. Trust your gut, hire a web development team that you know can communicate and collaborate with.


  • Integrate



hire web development team in vietnam


Once you hire a web development team, they become part of your organization. Tell them what you want. Your project manager, business analyst and experienced team of developers will lay out the different options for delivering a quality product that matches your expectations. You have a team of developers of your very own, they need a clear vision of where the project is going.


A professional outsourcing firm will offer total after delivery support and also have robust communication strategies that allow the client to retain as much control of the development process as they choose. To realize the full benefits of hiring an outsourced web development team, you need to trust their ability. For what will be a longstanding partnership with administrative and continuity issues to handle, you need to have full confidence web development team that you have hired.


If you would like to hire a web development team in Vietnam consisting of some of the country’s most talented developers, supported by an experienced managerial infrastructure, contact ^fram today for a free consultation. Ask us about how we hire web development team members from the top 2% of developers in Vietnam.

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