What our clients say

Our clients range from startups just getting ready to launch their first MVP to global market leaders like Samsung and Leo Burnett. We are proud to work with our clients and happy to see that we have found a model and a way of working that suits our partners, regardless of their size.

Scandinavian online company culture meets Asia

Our philosophy is that any IT product gets better when it's built by engineers in an inspiring and energizing work environment. We have tried to import as many elements as possible from the Scandinavian online company culture into our offices in central Saigon - anything from free seating in an open office environment to fram^ Friday beers and hackathons.

A day and a week with your team

One of the key ideas behind fram^ dedicated software development teams was that we wanted to remove as much of the obstacles and communication barriers of remote working as possible. Part of our solution at fram^ is that you will always be working directly with your dedicated software development team on a daily basis, without layers of middle managers that might complicate or slow down the process.

Tools we use

In general, we prefer to interrupt current setups of our clients' incumbent development organizations as little as possible. Instead, the Standing Teams of fram^ are used to adapting to whatever process, communication and project management tools you and your dedicated software development team already have in place today.

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