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Make your business faster and more efficient with our next-gen apps. Our application development services allow you to build consumer-facing or B2B apps that can run on a range of digital platforms.

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We provide you with a complete range of services that
cover all types of applications

Mobile app development

Engineer mobile apps that provide unforgettable digital experiences for your target audience across all platforms.

Web & Desktop app development

Our cross-platform and hybrid app development offering helps business' target multiple platforms with the same code base and save costs.

Cloud app development & migration

Harness cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, Google, Docker to build custom applications and migrate legacy architectures.

High quality digital apps

We will focus on building an application that meets your needs and helps you to grow. As experts in the field we will also focus on scalability, adaptability, security and overall platform performance. Our professional teams of developers, designers, marketers and product managers will support you from start to finish.


Requirement analysis
Strategic planning
Solution design

Design & Development

UX/UI design
Architectural solutions
App development

Testing & Deployment

Quality assurance
Testing & bug fixing
System checking

Support & Maintenance

Health check
APIs & 3rd-party integrations
Customer experience improvement

Our technologies

We have a large, dedicated development team that focuses solely on application development services. Our experienced application developers acquire in-depth technology expertise that are competent to handle your simple-to-complex requirements.

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Why choose fram^ for custom application development?

We’re known for building and delivering solutions of excellent quality. With over 7 years of experience and +1000 projects launched, there must be reasons for businesses from startups to corporations to rely on our custom application development services:

  • Maximizing ROI of your mission-critical IT architecture
  • Rapid application delivery using Agile
  • Microservices architecture for independent resilience
  • Architecture that perfectly responds to your goals
  • Quick access to your dream team at no cost of hiring and training
  • High recruitment standards of both technical and soft skills
  • Internal team of many qualifications available to support you anytime

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Frequently-asked questions in web design and

    • As a dominant custom application development company, we are certainly capable of producing a mobile app version of your website. 
    • To ensure the seamless delivery of mobile application development services  that cater to your needs, we would ask you to have a discussion with us on your business objectives, how you would like the app to operate, what functions would it serve for your customers as well as what you would like to keep from the website and the additional features to be included in the mobile app, etc..
    • Please contact us for a better assessment and we shall give you a roadmap on your custom mobile app development journey.
    • While the benefits of having a system leveraging the Cloud are enormous, the decision to move apps to the Cloud should arise from your business’s needs. Otherwise, you may find yourself ending up not taking full advantage of the cloud application development services while putting unnecessary burden on your IT team, with no real or measurable results gained. 
    • Before considering a Cloud migration service for your app, it is suggested of us that you plan out these following factors:
      • Is your app ready for the transition to be made? Will its performance be affected in any way during and after the changes in infrastructure?
      • How would Cloud migration of apps help in growing your business? Will the reduction in effort to maintain the infrastructure justify the time and costs invested to apply the changes?
      • How long until you gain back the investment made to transfer apps to the Cloud?
    • While making changes to the finished product is totally possible, we suggest that you avoid doing so, since it may result in disruptions and hinder the performance of the application, which in turn negatively affects the user experience. 
    • Our recommendation for you would be to experiment your ideas on a minimum viable product (MVP) first, get feedback and then make improvements before the official release date. We will also go through the testing process and trial runs for you, ensuring the smooth operations of all functions before launching and keeping unnecessary update patches to the minimum. 
    • We always welcome your feedback during the custom application development process. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to give your input whenever you deem necessary.
    • From the assessments of your business through the above 5 questions, we believe you shall have a general idea on where your target audience base and the investment you are willing to make. These are two important aspects to decide which platform is the most suitable for your future apps to be developed on. 
    • And no, it is not really necessary to launch apps on mobile and web simultaneously.
    • In fact, we would suggest you release the app initially on one platform s, then expand to other platforms gradually as your business grows. If you are on a tight budget, a web app may just be the solution for you. In the case that your app requires features  associated with a mobile’s native functionality (camera, bluetooth,...) for better user experience, mobile app is the optimal choice.
    • If possible, please contact us for a better analysis of your business’s nature and an in-depth discussion to this question. 
    • Custom application development is a lengthy and complex project, which may take months or even years to complete. Hence, there are a lot of considerations to be done before we can proceed to the decision-making phase. 
    • In the case that you haven’t got an idea where to begin, we suggest you first look into these following 5 questions:
      • What is the purpose of the app? Is it for entertainment, commercialization, establishment of presence across platforms or any other purposes?
      • How does the app fit into your business model? How would it benefit you in your business growth and expansion?
      • How much human and capital resources do you have on hand to invest into  custom application development services?
      • Who are your target audience of the app? How can you attract them to use your app?
      • Do you have any competitors? How are they proceeding with their app operations? 
    • We believe that through answering these questions, you should have a rough idea of how your app would be like. In the case that you want to go into more details and begin the custom app development process, our team at fram^ are always ready to provide you with assistance.