Cyber security services protecting your organization from the inside out

Protect your assets from cyber criminals who can’t wait to compromise your systems, and put your business at risk. Our innovative cybersecurity services strengthen your cyber defense addressing every stage of a cyber attack surface.

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We offer end-to-end cyber security services

Cybersecurity services and strategic advisory consulting, incident response, design and deploy services. We will implement a security program strategy to align information security policy, security controls and strategy with business goals. Our team will work with your firm to identify any risks, or threats it may face. We will deliver recommendations that highlight security flaws in your environment, and the steps needed to remediate these issues, and properly implement the solutions.

Information security assessments

Analyse the maturity of your information security program, as well as identify gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement with a right solution.

Virtual CISO

Offer wide ranging expertise needed for incident response, compliance and the latest threat intelligence to execute actionable mitigation strategies.

Data governance

Help you centralize and handle increasingly large volumes of data and the related. Enhance your cybersecurity posture and data management.

Security & Penetration testing

Get your prepared for any disaster with a security program in place, providing you protection against disasters such as ransomware and some others.

Third party risk management

Comprehensive 3rd party security assessment services that let you know how and what your vendors are doing to secure your data from cyber threats.

Governance, risk & compliance

Align your GRC activities to business performance drivers, using frameworks such as NIST, PCI/DSS, ISO, GDPR, NYDFS, and much more.

Security awareness education

Reveal your organization employees strength and weakness, give your people ultimate tools and power to fight against cyber criminals.

Penetration testing and phishing

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. Penetration testing & phishing assessment protect against cybersecurity threats.

Our approach on cyber security services

Protection starts with people

Most cyber attacks target people, not technology. That's why our approach to cybersecurity centers around people. Our company helps you understand the individual risk people pose. We stop the threats that target them and provide the tools they need to stay safe and alert the data they work with, their digital channels and activities they use.

Think like the attackers

We adopt testing aligned Agile and DevOps methodologies. We are also proficient in establishing continuous testing practices and integrating testing activities into CI/CD pipelines within the DevOps approach.

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Why work with fram^?

Understanding the importance of cyber security towards companies digitally operating, we have been constantly working hard to bring comprehensive and effective solutions to businesses around the work. What we possess to be able to do so is:

  • Highly experienced and certified security professionals to you
  • End-to-end cyber security services to serve all of your needs
  • Flexible and scalable engagement models at your choice
  • Top-notch systems & tools with compliance & security standards
  • Quick access to your dream team at no cost of hiring and training
  • High recruitment standards of both technical and soft skills
  • Internal team of many qualifications available to support you anytime

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    Frequently-asked questions in web design and

      • Since malwares are growing in sophistication at a rapid rate, we would suggest you to do the tests on a regular basis and as often as your resources allow to be able to keep up with the new changes. Otherwise, you should at least commit to re-tests and improvements once a year.
      • We are afraid that it is actually the total opposite. All organizations are at risk of cyber attacks. The attack-prone nature of your business does not come from the size of the organizations. Cyber thieves have the tendency to direct their attention to more vulnerable targets. 
      • Major corporations may have a lot of valuable information, however, they also have good security methods employed, making them at a lower risk of being attacked. On the other hand, small companies without a proper security system in place are easy victims. Therefore, no matter the sizes, you should always invest in methods to secure your data and prevent loss.
      • We would also advise you against using free or pirated security applications. These are often malwares or most of the time may not have the capabilities to provide your data its needed protection.
      • For cyber security barriers to be most efficiently employed, the knowledge of security should be spread across the organization instead of only staying at the top executive level. It is suggested that you raise a higher awareness in cyber security within your organizations, ideally with the help of a cyber security services company for better performance. 
      • You can begin with educating your employees about the possible actions of them that may result in cyber attacks, how important it is to keep the data protected and not exploited by outsiders, what security methods that the company have in place and how they can utilize those practices in their daily work, etc.
      • Furthermore, practices and mock-ups of cyber attacks should also be implemented to enforce their knowledge and give them practical experience to combat cyber threats. There should also be rewards and recognition for employees that abide to the organization’s security policy. 
      • In the case that you face any bottlenecks during any stages mentioned above, our team at fram^ shall gladly provide you with assistance.
      • Some of the practices that you can implement to make sure your data are kept intact are as follow: 
        • A system to limit the access to data, as well as to remove the access of anyone leaving the organization
        • Multi factor authentication for data access Firewall set-up
        • Encryption of data
        • Continuous backup of data and updates of security systems
        • Preparation of counter-action and recovery plans
        • Investing time in understanding the security practices that your third-party vendors employ 
      • While these are the preparations that all organizations should have in place to counter possible threats of cyber attacks, different businesses have their own different data types to be protected, resulting in a variety of security needs for each individual corporation. With the increasing threats and complexity of cyber attacks, there is simply no one-size-fits-all security solution.
      • For solid security barriers, fram^ suggests you to consult with our cyber security experts so that we can provide you with a detailed assessment on the capacity of your security systems and policies, as well as giving you guidelines to implement any needed improvement.
      • Unfortunately, up to now there has been no successful attempts at predicting a cyber attack. The advanced technologies have resulted in attacks from cyber thieves becoming more and more sophisticated. What we consider to be safe today may turn its back against us by tomorrow. 
      • What we are capable of doing now is to assist you in setting up secure barriers against possible internal and external threats of cybercrime. 
      • We suggest you to have an in-depth understanding of your data, as well as the risks that may inflict them and their consequences. Through that knowledge, we can help you lay out a plan to improve any gaps in your security barriers. Well-developed barriers and counter action plans can help you detect and prevent the attacks in real time, keeping the impact to the minimum.