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Replace clunky, hard-coded systems. Break dependencies on legacy technology suppliers. Build new applications quickly, in response to emerging business needs.

How fram^ can help with digital development & management services

  • Website and mobile apps development
  • Application modernisation, migration & reengineering
  • Micro-service system development
  • Ecommerce & omni-channel development
  • Testing & performance engineering

Fram^’s track record in digital development & management

With a strong portfolio throughout the years, fram^ has been providing a diverse range of world-class software development services for our global clients, from cutting edge startups to large enterprises.

“Fram has been a reliable partner in all phases of Personio's success story. They have greatly helped us with scaling our product from the first MVP to being one of the leading HR platforms in Europe.”

Arseniy Vershinin, CTO, Personio

Why fram^?

Our software developers have the right knowledge, niche skills, and experience to build you a solid software solution.

Responsive design

To provide a cross-device solution that is easy-to-use and gives your users a consistent experience across all platforms

Agile development

To give you the complete control to prioritize development in real time, adapt to changes, shorten time-to-market and reduce risk at minimum

Full-stack developers

To provide you with the most skillful and experienced full-stack developers and manage your development project with the latest technologies such as React, NodeJS, Go, Scala, Python, Angular and more ...

Vertical experience

To ensure that your solution is adapted to your industry, thanks to our expertise working for leading companies in Ecommerce, Finance, Insurance, FMCG, Tech Product and more ...

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