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Go ahead of your competitors online by increasing leads, sales and revenue. Our high-quality digital marketing services provide you with the skills you need to execute a custom marketing strategy specifically built to reach your goals within your budget.

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Based on every stage of your funneland customers’ journey of exploration, decision-making and purchase, we have digital marketing services that can be put together as an integrated marketing strategy, or selectively performed which you concentrate on.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Achieve higher organic rankings and increased visibility in search results
Non-branded search (PPC)
Appear to people who truly care about your product or service when they search
Public Relations (PR)
Get featured on top tier media outlets across your target markets
Paid social impressing
Run ads on social media to reach vast new audiences who are potential to you
Social media
Attract organic real fans & followers to your brand on social networks
Content marketing
Persuade, inform and engage at every buyers’ stage on all possible channels
Branded search (PPC)
Make sure your name always seen for your certain range of products & servicess
Paid social prospecting
Bring your ads to those who show interests & willingness to purchase
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Drive most desired actions such as leads, sales and sign-ups from your traffic
Email (Automation) marketing
Build qualified list of subscribers and get the best CTR with email automation
Paid social remarketing
Follow potential customers and increase life value of existing purchasers
ROI reporting & analysis
Continuously control your budget towards marketing activities to the best ROI

We’re also a digital and development powerhouse with other tools and resources you need

Creative production

We have a team of creative experts in-house. From complete overhauls to small adjustments, we can take on any size project and make a meaningful impact for your company.

Web development

From the structure of your pages to the navigation across your site, our team of web designers and developers are responsible for the complete build down to the very last pixel.

Mobile development

No matter if you want to optimize your web’s mobile version or create a mobile app for any purposes, our team of mobile designers and developers will be available to support you.

Our approach on digital marketing services

Client-centric perspective

We follow a client-centric perspective and create customized solutions that match their requirements to perfection. We’re adaptive for your changes in purpose or budget at any time.

Progressive approach

We always endeavour to follow the changing trends and make them a part of our digital strategies. We review our plan on a daily basis to ensure we’re doing the best for you.

Real metrics

We’re motivated by real results. You’ll see in our plan to you specific metrics to success for all our marketing activities. We work and make every single effort towards these commitments to you.

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Why work with fram^?

We, at fram^, bring a complete package of digital marketing solutions to help your business extend its reach on a global scale. There are more than one reasons why you should choose us as your digital partner.

  • Competitive price for top services and niched expertise
  • Tailored strategy that’s optimal for your goals and resources
  • Flexibility towards your changing requirements at any time
  • Transparency on the progress and committed results
  • Quick access to your dream team at no cost of hiring and training
  • High recruitment standards of both technical and soft skills
  • Internal team of many qualifications available to support you anytime

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Frequently-asked questions in web design and

    • The answer is mostly dependent on the goals and nature of your business, since different goals require a mix of different tactics, resulting in a variety of time lengths of preparation and implementation before we can announce that the strategy is a success.  
    • For example, SEO content takes a longer time to develop and months may pass before we see a sharp increase in the ranking of your website on Google Search Result Page. Paid advertising on the other hand can start to increase traffic to your site and even revenue immediately. 
    • While we cannot give you the exact answer now, you can still meet with us to discuss your goals and budget. At that time, we shall be able to tell you what tactics shall be utilized for your campaigns as well as providing you with a detailed timeline for your reference.
    • Before the implementation of the marketing plan begins, we shall have you review our timeline of marketing strategies, the channels (i.e. Google digital marketing or Facebook digital marketing) as well as the tactics (i.e. SEO digital marketing or inbound digital marketing) utilized to reach our agreed KPIs. Once the campaigns are up and running, we will have an overview on a daily basis to ensure that the results are optimized. 
    • A report will also be sent to you monthly, informing you of the workload we have cleared, what we plan to do for the following period of time, as well as frequent updates on the performance of the marketing tactics. 
    • We are glad to have your recommendations at any phase of our working process and shall apply changes and improvements accordingly. We hope to be as transparent as possible in our practices by making sure that all information shall reach you without failure.
    • For over 7 years, fram^ has been delivering top-notch solutions for corporations working in a variety of industries. We serve both local and foreign brands in their digital marketing journey and have gained remarkable recognition among leading companies that have collaborated with us before.  
    • We also understand that every business is unique in their own way. Therefore, we always begin the  project by getting to know your company, your current position and your objectives in the future to be able to provide you with a bespoke solution that fits your available budgets.
    • Your target audience and financial goals shall be assessed before everything else begins.  There is no point in building a highly optimized and compatible website if your audience mostly spends their time on social media and vice versa. 
    • Our experts at fram^ are always ready to assist you in that kind of assessment should you find it a daunting task to do. We shall also assist you in devising the marketing plan and tactics that will facilitate your realization of branding objectives.
    • As with any trustworthy digital marketing company, we would always start with getting to know your business and the core industry that you operate in. Exploration of your competitors, your target audience and also your current position on the market will also be conducted to give us better insights on how to proceed with the planning stage. 
    • We will also work with you closely to clarify the resources you would want to invest in the marketing plan. After that, we shall present our strategic plans for you, as well as the timeline to implement those plans and the expected results. 
    • You shall be provided with frequent updates on how the implementation progresses and an overall assessment after the campaign is over.
    • Should you want to, our team at fram^ are also ready to collaborate with your in-house team to deliver sound results for your business.