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Manage your business at ease with our custom Microsoft Dynamics ERP services. Our experienced ERP experts will bring all of your business operation needs into one single, optimal and efficient ERP solution.

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What we offer

ERP software integration improves productivity, streamline processes, enhances security, centralizes data, product reports and decreases costs. With a wide range of services, we can create an intuitive ERP solution that fits your specific business needs:

  • ERP Development Consulting
  • ERP Software Development
  • Enterprise Automation Applications Development
  • ERP Customization
  • ERP System Support and Maintenance
  • ERP System Enhancement

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We work on fully integrated and customizable ERP modules

We deliver comprehensive ERP software solutions for businesses of any type and size. Our team has significant experience in ERP development and custom creation of fully integrated modules for different purposes.

ERP Main Modules

  • Sales and distribution module
  • CRM module
  • Human resource management module
  • Project management module
  • Financial module
  • Supply chain management module

Sub Modules

  • Reports module
  • Time tracking system
  • Customers and orders management tools
  • Client database CRM module
  • Workload management tools
  • Projects dashboards
  • Manufacturing module
  • Quote module
  • Financial flow module
  • Invoices database
  • Inventory management module
  • Calendar module

Unify all of your ERPs with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Finance

Make your international financial operations automated. Obtain real-time reports, predictive results on performance and utilize these data to reach decisions that fuel growth.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Deliver extraordinary digital and in-store shopping experience for your customers while keeping store management simple.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Create a highly efficient and agile culture for your employees to thrive with the optimum workforce investment.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Enhance visibility of your international operations through IoTs, mixed reality and AI together. Make decisions upon predictive insights and further elevate supply chain and manufacturing productivity.

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For over 7 years, fram^ has been developing and providing top-notch on-demand solutions for businesses worldwide. Our following competencies make us the ideal partner for many market-leading companies and corporations:

  • Experiences in delivering bespoke ERP solutions to companies in different industries
  • Implementation of social, cloud and geo features in upcoming customer-centric ERP
  • Dedication in assessment of business processes
  • Quick access to your dream team at no cost of hiring and training
  • High recruitment standards of both technical and soft skills
  • Post-deployment in-house technical support and training available
  • fram^ internal team of many qualifications available to support you anytime

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Frequently-asked questions in web design and

    • These are the reasons for the inclusion of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in our ERP services: 
      • Dynamics 365 allows you to start implementing ERP with only the core functions of your business (finance, supply chain management, commerce or human resources) and expand gradually to other functions, instead of having to purchase the full package like with other products. This feature gives your business the flexibility in operations. 
      • Dynamics 365 can connect and integrate well with other common business applications like Microsoft Office 365, Power BI, etc., increasing the efficiency of the workflow
      • Dynamics 365 has the resources to for your business to adjust and grow with ease
      • Dynamics 365 provides you with pleasing-to-the-eyes dashboards and analytics to closely monitor your operations progress and make optimal choices for your business.
    • Please do not hesitate to contact fram^ to get a better understanding on how we can help your business grow and thrive through our Microsoft Dynamics ERP services.
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be either deployed in the cloud or on-premise, or a combination of both, which is called hybrid deployment.
    • To implement a successful ERP solution and make the most out of it, here are several things you should keep in mind:
      • Do planning beforehand and involve all related stakeholders in your plan. This ensures there is clear understanding of the practice and no miscommunication, further leverage the benefits of incorporating ERP services in your business. 
      • Arrange training sessions for staff to get accustomed to the new technology and have the capability to utilize the new features in their works, increasing productivity. 
      • Periodic review and feedback on the performance of ERP system, both during and after it has been set up and is in stable operations. This is to discover any problems and rectify it as soon as possible, plus to keep track of when your system needs updating to accommodate business requests. 
    • In case you find these tasks daunting, please remember that fram^ does offer ERP services to assist you in every step of the ERP development and integration.
    • You should consider have an Microsoft Dynamics ERP software development services provider company integrate or replace your ERP system when these obstacles start to hindering your business operations
      • More time spent on collecting information for decision-making
      • More capital is required to keep the operations going
      • There are too many softwares being implemented, yet they are not connected to one database, resulting in a cumbersome structure
      • Your business begins to have trouble handling request of customers in a timely manner, lagging behind your competitors
      • The business size outgrows your current ERP system
    • The abovementioned factors are just the general symptoms of an inefficient ERP system. Please do not hesitate to contact our Microsoft Dynamics ERP consulting services for an exact assessment on how your ERP system is performing and what areas that are critically in need of improvement.
    • For a successful ERP development and implementation, these following factors are to be considered carefully:
      • Cost & Return: Implementing ERP services is not as simple as making a one-off purchase. The process of putting ERP modules into effect is lengthy and costly, involving the resources for maintenance, updates, backups, security as well as training for IT operators. It is advised that you should consider the benefits received from the ERP development and deployment against the cost of keeping it in stable conditions before making the investment. 
      • Business requirements & ERP modules selection: The modules selected to be implemented must fit with the core operations of the industry and business objectives to fuel growth. Trying to include all modules within the ERP development at the same time may make the workflow more confusing, which is counter effective. 
      • Post-Deployment Maintenance & Support: an unstable ERP functioning may well reduce the business efficiency rather than doing the opposite. Therefore, making sure there is constant support to rectify any issue is just as important as choosing the right modules and implementing them in a proper manner.