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Replace clunky, hard-coded systems. Break dependencies on legacy technology suppliers. Build new applications quickly, in response to emerging business needs.

How fram^ Standing Teams™ can help with software development

  • fram^ Standing Teams™ work side-by-side with your engineers to deliver projects correctly and on time, flexibly adapting to your needs as projects evolve.
  • Tap into fram^’s wide-ranging, cutting-edge expertise in all core & new web technologies: React, NodeJS, Go, Scala, Python, Angular and more.
  • Be the first to adopt new technologies and coding languages. Keep products running at peak potential with a world-leading offshore software development company permanently on-hand.

fram^’s track record in custom web application development

With a strong portfolio in SaaS application development, fram^ provides a diverse range of world-class programming services for our global clients, from bootstrapped startups to large enterprises.

“Fram has been a reliable partner in all phases of Personio's success story. They have greatly helped us with scaling our product from the first MVP to being one of the leading HR platforms in Europe.”

Arseniy Vershinin, CTO, Personio

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Make sure you take these 3 steps to hire web development team correctly

Web application development

1. Cast the net wide Perhaps your project has a limited scope and you just need a freelancer or two, there is a wide range of talent and hourly rates on offer on freelance outsourcing sites such as Upwork. But if your project requires you to hire a web development team or teams, you need …

22 March, 2019

Get to understand your estimated cost for web development

Web application development

To the disappointment of the many who googled “How much does it cost to build a web application?”, there is no quickly returned answer that will be an accurate estimate of your project’s own intricacies and the reality of its developmental journey. The stock answer of there being too many factors to consider in such …

14 March, 2019

How to outsource web development and still sleep well at night?

Web application development

Why should you outsource web development? The lure is what draws most businesses offshore when they decide to outsource web development. The proliferation of professional outsourcing agencies has changed the image of the far-flung outsourced freelancer, providing their clients access to a wide talent pool, supported by the managerial infrastructure and administrative support that a …

06 March, 2019

Dedicated team structure, designed for a mutual long-term commitment

Web application development

What is a dedicated team structure? When a business has software development requirements that exceed their present in-house capabilities, they often look to offshore software development outsourcing providers that work in a dedicated team structure. They will collaborate with the provider with the aim of taking the project from its conception through to delivery and …

21 February, 2019

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