fram^ covers five core pillars of web engineering

fram^ was founded by people who have spent most of their professional careers on or around the web. The first seeds of fram^ were planted within e-commerce web development. Today, fram^ has expanded into the four core pillars of web engineering - E-commerce web development, Core web, Mobile web, and New web technologies.

E-commerce is today a well-established part of the web and online industries. The world has now seen over 20 years of e-commerce web development and to be able to compete among the leaders in your specific e-commerce vertical, you will need a world-class e-commerce platform integrated with your other business systems (e.g. ERP and Warehouse management system). This is the type of e-commerce web development services in particular and software development in general we are passionate about at fram^.

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Most online businesses are no longer local - an online service provider in Sweden or Germany competes not just on a domestic level, but also globally against e.g. Chinese, Indian and Brazilian competitors. As such, to compete solely on price becomes harder every day. Instead, your online platform, product and/or user experience has become your key differentiation vs. your competition. This in turn means that you need to work with the top front-end and back-end web engineers to be able to build what it takes to win big in your industry online.
It was not long ago that the number of mobile pageviews surpassed those on a desktop. Nowadays, most online target audiences spend significantly more time on their smartphones than on their laptops. Is this reflected in your development resources and investments? At fram^ we build world class smartphone apps for Android and iOS as well as mobile sites, platforms, communities and other software development services.
Software development and web development in particular never stop evolving. Every day a new technology, a new framework or a new approach to structuring databases, pushes us forward. At fram^, all our engineers share a passion for the movement that relentlessly propels software development. In fact, even our company name, fram^, means exactly this - forward! (in Swedish and Norwegian).
As part of fram^ Vietnam Ltd., we are a leading Scandinavian - Vietnamese Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company with offices in the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and also Stockholm, Sweden. We provide outsourcing services, helping companies to overcome difficulties in data workflow with professional solutions and high quality standards. Together, we will turn your Challenges into Chances.

We work in three different formats

Most of what fram^ does, we do in the form of long term partnerships with our clients – these partnerships typically last 12 months or more. On top of the Standing Teams, fram^ also houses a group of inhouse IT engineers across multiple platforms that can handle more short term project assignments.
  • Most of what fram^ does, we do in the form of long term partnerships with our clients – these partnerships typically last 12 months or more.
  • This long-term partnership allows us to build tailor-made teams of Engineers and other digital professionals to flawlessly tackle the tasks and development needs at hand.
  • Your existing engineers will interact directly with your team at fram^, integrating as a unit without barriers or middle management.
  • A standing team allows for consistency in development work over time, and much smoother communication. You can move towards the optimal end product much faster by avoiding wasting time on arm’s length specification and estimation work – the classic burdens of software outsourcing services.
  • On top of the standing teams, fram^ also houses a group of inhouse IT engineers that we call the “Team Jägare” – just like Swedish special forces Kustjägare or Fjälljägare.
  • Our inhouse engineers can be engaged for shorter contractual periods than the Standing teams to allow for quick deployment of extra resources. They can provide support on more traditional project development or cover when our clients face demand peaks, with unusually high workloads or fast approaching deadlines.
  • Our inhouse engineers have a particular knowledge of project-based e-commerce web development having developed from scratch multiple e-commerce platforms with integrations to ERP, as well as, parallel app and mobile versions.
  • Besides providing software outsourcing services, fram^ has built a leading team of local Vietnamese and international specialist key account managers within software & solution selling.
  • Through this team, and platform for software distribution, fram^ supports European and American IT companies to globally distribute leading software into the Vietnamese as well as the larger Southeast Asian markets
  • An example case client of fram^ software distribution is world leading antivirus group, Kaspersky, who chose fram^ to be licensed distributor for its corporate security software, Infowatch, in Vietnam.
  • The founding team of fram^ has built and managed market leading online businesses both in Europe and Southeast Asia. In the first instance, the founders of fram^ co-founded and built the company from scratch to the market leader of e-commerce in Southeast Asia – today, Lazada has thousands of employees and a presence spanning six countries in the region. With this history, fram^ possesses a very strong professional network and reputation within the IT industries of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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