fram^ services: purpose-built for your requirements

fram^ is not just another offshoring solution.

Rather than fulfilling individual briefs, we provide international partners with their own, dedicated team of full-time software engineers. We call these fram^ Standing Teams™.

And with the fram^ Engineering Hub and Build, Operate, Transfer teams also on hand, we provide a faster, more flexible, more capable service than the most business could achieve with their own in-house engineers.

fram’s core offering, typically delivered in partnership agreements of 12 months or more. A team of software engineers is assembled to your specification, reports directly to your own in-house engineers, and serves your business full-time out of our Ho Chi Minh office.
To complement fram^ Standing Teams™, we also maintain the fram^ Engineering Hub. This cohort of experienced, multidisciplinary developers tackles short-term assignments and boosts your capabilities as needed.
Set up a new Vietnamese operation, with reduced risk and lower costs. fram^ will recruit, manage and run your new base from our offices. When your new business arm is fully established, transfer the team into your business as your own employees.

fram^ development capabilities

fram^’s complete agency service spans every area of software engineering. Your fram^ Standing Team puts top talent at your fingertips: immediate access to the capabilities needed to deliver on your business goals.

Ensure uninterrupted trade. Fram^ are experts in development using open source platforms, such as Magento, or building bespoke solutions. We have significant experience in integrating all common CRM & ERP systems.
Build web applications quickly and efficiently, for commercial sale or for your own business needs. Fram^ has experts in React, NodeJS, Angular, Scala, Python and all other industry standard coding languages.
Create and maintain dazzling, engaging mobile experiences for your audience. Design and develop apps and mobile sites for Android and iOS, and in React Native.
Collect, store, and process critical information securely, efficiently and intelligently with the support of fram^’s experienced data specialists.
Outrank the competition and reach your target audience online. fram^ offers a free SEO audit, and a full range of digital marketing services: content, social, strategy and more.

Getting started with fram^

From initial enquiry, to implementation, to go-live, and throughout your partnership, fram^ services leave you with complete control and visibility of your dedicated development team.


Free Requirements Audit

Work with our experienced senior engineers to establish the optimum scale, reach and specialisms of your fram^ Standing Team™.

Interview Your Engineers

Based on your audit, we’ll recommend the right people for your business. Meet them via video link before any contracts are signed, and personally approve each team member.

No Upfront Costs

Ensure you’re completely satisfied with your incoming fram^ services before committing to any expense. An initial deposit is due only when your service contract has been signed.

Work Side-by-Side

Your fram^ Standing Team™ reports directly to your in-house engineers. Our Ho Chi Minh office hours are adjusted to Western time zones, ensuring your team is always on-hand.

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