Year End Party 2017: A Special Anniversary with Fram’s Talents

News & PR 20 February, 2017 Hoai Thanh

Gott Nytt År, everyone! New Year has approached with hopes and challenges waiting ahead for us to make a fresh start. Yet, in addition to the festive season, shall we take a quick look at what framers did in our company year end party 2017 to welcome the incoming year?


What else is better than a fete with the presence of staff all together? As a modern proactive company with standing and remote teams working along, we might miss chances to meet and get to know the others very well. Hence, our board of management acknowledged an end of the year party was the perfect opportunity for a get-together, also to show deep appreciations from the board towards employees who had worked their best to provide the company with key values.

We decided not to go for a boring speech-food celebration but to make memories that last long on everyone’s mind. The set-up team regarding that ran a race of time and efforts to seek for great initiatives so that framers could enjoy an off-the-hook event. Fortunately, framers were extremely willing to support the team coming up with fantastic ideas during the preparation with the anticipation for a merry night.

Splendid scenery before the end of year party kicks off

D-Day with Exhilaration

At fram^, the company year end party 2017 was taken placed on 30th of December as it was our own way to ring in New Year. On D-day, expectations for a night full of delights and pleasure swept across our office, keeping everyone fired up all day. And so, it was well worth the wait that the night was blown up like a boom of amusement.

The event first kicked off with a brief throwback on outstanding activities in 2016. It was satisfying for us as framers knowing our company has expanded dramatically over the last year, resulting in sales growth up to over 230% along with welcoming a great number of newcomers on board.

Then the end of year party came off with honoring excellent individuals of the year. Surely inspiring were these individuals themselves, for they had bent over backward and been the perfect representatives of fram^ displaying features a framer should have such as diligence, creativity, etc. Eventually, multiple games were drawn up to arouse the atmosphere, ‘cause “a party would not be a party without games” said everyone.

Our end of year party was heated to its highest spirit when everyone sang and danced along the performances prepared by framers, which is another evidence proving how talented our staff is for not only working their best but also playing all they’ve got. Unfortunately, every festivity has its end and we all knew it was time to wrap up as the night wore late, even though we wished it could last till dawn.

Framers all in one year end party dance

Thoughts on the company year end party 2017

We as framers all share the same opinion that we’re not only colleagues but also crucial parts of a big family, and company year end party 2017 is a kind of activities that get everyone closer and reinforces relationships to build our indestructible bond – fram^. From the bottom of our hearts, out with the old, in with the new, may you be happy with whole year through!

The third time framers celebrate end of the year party as a whole

And hey, don’t forget to stay up-to-date with us – fram^ throughout 2017. Ciao!

We have more interesting activities such as Charity Event 2017 and Christmas party 2017 to share.

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