Job opportunities at fram^

At fram^ you will find a team of truly dedicated individuals with a passion for world class software engineering and distribution. Our company culture is built on a specific set of Core Values along with the fram^ team's shared conviction in the ideas of high performance, freedom & responsibility as well as striving for excellence in every detail of the work we do. Together, we are a team that simply just does not take ‘no’ for an answer! We are constantly looking for likeminded candidates to expand our team - please check out below what role might be fit for you!

Our core values

Company values are the behaviors and skills that are valued in fellow employees. At fram^, we particularly value eight behaviors & skills/values in our colleagues. We hire and promote people who demonstrate these eight.

The interview process

All team members at fram^ will go through our extensive interview and qualification process. Our greatest asset as a company is our fantastic people - our 4 step interview process allows us to make very sure that the fit between candidate and fram^ is as strong as possible.

CV Submission

We typically receive a very high level of interest for all open positions at fram^. Hence, we do a thorough screening of all applications and CVs submitted to make sure that we invite the best qualified candidates for interviews and assessments at our offices.

English Interpersonal Interview

As all our engineering roles involves direct interaction with our international client teams, a fram^ engineer will need to master professional level of English in both speech and writing. During the interview at our offices, you will be interviewed in English by both Vietnamese and international fram^ members. You will also do an English test at the end of the interview.

Technical Interview

At the technical interview you will meet one of our technical architects. You should expect a technically challenging interview along with a technical test adopted to the role you are applying for.

Client Interview & Technical Case

For all the candidates that make it successfully through the interviews at our the fram^ offices, we will followup with a technical case that can be completed at home during the days following the interviews. As a final step, the candidate will discuss their solution to the technical case together with our client in a video call.
Only 1.6% of all tested candidates make it through to final offer.


At fram^ we put great focus on our employees' personal and professional development goals. Throughout your software engineer career at fram^ you will receive reviews from your managers, clients and peers. For this purpose, our HR department and senior management team has developed a well-structured software engineer career path program with set tools and processes that allow you and your manager to drive your personal & professional development continuously forward. Your software engineer career development at fram^ can be extremely rapid if you are up the the challenge of proving consistent performance to your team and our clients - how far and fast this takes you is largely up to you!

Program for personal & professional development

At fram^ we have developed a proprietary seven-step personal & professional development framework for all our members to be able to strive to grow all the way from intern to C-level management. On top of this, we apply a separate evaluation system for soft skills and cultural contribution.

  • Twice per year all of our employees will be part of a performance review of both hard and soft skills
  • The concrete software engineer career development goals we set for you will largely be based on your own goals and in what areas you wish to grow your skill set

The fram^ internship program

As an intern at fram^, you will take on unmatched responsibilities from day 1, and you will play the role of a full time member immediately. No where else in the tech industry in Vietnam, will you as an intern get similar opportunities for immediate professional exposure and career development. The program has been tailored as the perfect way to kick start your awesome software engineer career!

Come visit us! Step by the fram^ offices for a fresh cup of Vietnamese espresso!

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