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Take a competitive, always-on approach to custom eCommerce development. Continually improve UI, UX and back-end infrastructure for a market-leading customer experience.

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eCommerce development is in our DNA

Before fram^, our Chairman & Co-founder Christopher Beselin developed Lazada VN, which is now Vietnam’s leading eCommerce platform. Fram^ now offers you a complete range of custom eCommerce development services needed to build, accelerate and optimise a high-performance online store. 

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I want to launch an ecommerce site

Our involvement is your possibility to start getting ROI early on the road. We give you a truly strong guidance to embrace all the technical possibilities at hand and align them with your business goals.

  • Technology consulting
  • Ecosystem architecture design & implementation
  • eCommerce design & development
  • Ready-to-launch search engine optimization (SEO)

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I want to optimize and grow my ecommerce business

Improve customer experience, unlock new sales opportunities, grow and expand your business, monetize new market trends – fram^ will be your reliable partner along the way

  • Investigation of hidden pains and needs
  • UX/UI redesign for better customer experiencez
  • Performance speed acceleration
  • Intensive search engine optimization (SEO)

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I want to migrate

If the current eCommerce platform in use is ineffective for your business, it’s time for a migration. We will advise you everything for not a better eCommerce solution, but an optimal one – that’s our golden rule.

  • Revision of your current solution
  • Technology consulting
  • Custom eCommerce design & development changes
  • Content, SEO and data migration

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I want to go omnichannel retail

Improve customer experience, unlock new sales opportunities, grow and expand your business, monetize new market trends – fram^ will be your reliable partner along the way

  • Competitive landscape analysis and UX research
  • eCommerce website launch
  • Back-office automation and cross-system integrations
  • On-going management, measurement and optimization

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Our technologies

We have a large, dedicated development team that focuses solely on custom eCommerce development services. Our experienced eCommerce developers always employ the latest technologies and are a part of the global eCommerce frontier.

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Why choose fram^ for eCommerce development?

Over the last 7 years, fram^ has been building and investing in top-of-mind eCommerce sites and marketplaces all over the world. We are proud to offer our clients with top of the benefits: 

  • Hands-on experience in providing custom eCommerce development solutions to over 50 businesses 
  • Fast access to Vietnam’s top eCommerce developers without any hassle of hiring and training 
  • Flexible engagement models from dedicated team, dedicated members or fixed projects 
  • Fully managed service focused on achieving service excellence and product quality
  • Quick access to your dream team at no cost of hiring and training
  • High recruitment standards of both technical and soft skills
  • Internal team of many qualifications available to support you anytime

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    Frequently-asked questions in eCommerce development services

      • We are capable of providing you with a full customized eCommerce website that caters to your requirements, including both the designs and the technical functions. 
      • What we would ask of you is to have a detailed discussion with us to clarify your exact expectations and avoid miscommunication. We can also take suggestions on the design provided by you and continue to improve upon it. 
      • Before beginning the real work of coding, we shall show you the prototype version of your upcoming eCommerce web, where you can make any needed adjustments and ensure that the end result is similar to what you have in mind initially.
      • First, we would provide you with an analysis of your business conditions and objectives. This is where you and our team will discuss the functions and designs for your eCommerce website. With your requirements in place, we shall provide you with an eCommerce solution that can communicate your business mission and fit with your financial goals.  
      • Moreover, we shall put great efforts into optimizing the eCommerce web’s performance. To be more specific, we will develop a web architecture that allows fast loading speed and is SEO-friendly to boost your website’s ranking. 
      • One more thing to note, we can also assist you in writing a content strategy that can attract and increase your users’ time-on-site. Your eCommerce web will also be designed to be device responsive, so as to target audiences from across platforms.
      • We are more than willing to do just that. Our comprehensive eCommerce development solutions shall provide support in every stage : from consultation, design, implementation to maintenance and support. 
      • Our maintenance and support include the continuous measurement of metrics and optimization on performance, ensuring that the eCommerce website operates in perfect health conditions, offering seamless user experience and generating profound financial results.
      • We believe that every business should begin with an objective in mind. Hence,  It is recommended that you first establish your business model, what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them. 
      • Another area to take into account  is what products and markets that your eCommerce website targets. It would also be wise for you to secure several sources for supply before establishing the eCommerce website. 
      • Choosing a reputable eCommerce development company to direct you on the right track is also one decision worth considering. 
      • There are actually a lot more considerations to be done that we cannot cover in this FAQ section. However, once you have had a general idea of your eCommerce business through the above questions, we can organize a direct meeting so as to assist you in addressing other important factors and have a more in-depth solution for you.
      • Please do not hesitate to contact us and gain more insights on how to build your own eCommerce business.
      • We would have to conduct an in-depth analysis of your eCommerce website architecture and performance before deciding which of our services is the most suitable for your needs.
      • If it is the contents on your website that prevent you from converting your traffic into sales, we would assist you in reassessing your content strategy and making appropriate adjustments. After that we shall have the website’s text and graphics updated gradually to improve its ability to convert. 
      • In the case that the architecture of the web is negatively affecting its performance and loading speed, we shall either migrate the website to another platform (we would suggest Magento eCommerce development services or Shopify eCommerce development services), or build an entirely new one, whichever is more cost-efficient. 
      • For a more detailed assessment and better understanding of your eCommerce business, please consider paying us a visit.