Dedicated development teams that best-fit to your requirements

We help you build dedicated teams of top software developers and digital talent in Vietnam that are hand-picked to your specific needs. Your team works in Fram^ ‘s offices and communicates with you directly just like your in-house team.

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How we build you a decent team

Our idea of a dedicated development team is a long-term, strategic partnership to obtain development capacity for your business.


Over the years of building brand, knowledge capital and a standard hiring process, we’re able to quickly attract people and choose you the best ones.


We strive to create a work atmosphere that encourages employees to stay for a long period, and provide developers everything they need to work comfortably.


We have a management team of technical architects, project and delivery managers that are in support for your dedicated team and help monitor quality.


We handle overhead – take care of everything relating to legal and tax administration, as well as contract and payroll management. Hassle is free.

fram^-custom software development company in Vietnam

Key advantages of this engagement model

  • Great competence-to-cost ratio
  • Software development experts are hand-picked, together with you, in a custom hiring process
  • High team engagement. The dedicated development team works only with you and is a part of your organization
  • Full control and flexibility over how you want to manage and scale the team

5-10 devs

average team size

4-8 weeks

on average until up and running

1+ years

minimum target collaboration


employee & client satisfaction

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What your team’s built up

We help you build a dedicated development team with nearly any competence requirements, tailoring it together. Generally, we try to hire good team-players with the right attitude and approach. A proven track-record is important – for an example as contributors on Stack Overflow, Github or other relevant platforms.

Front-end development

Back-end development

Web app development

Mobile app development

UX/UI design

Quality Control/ Assurance

Technology Stack

We are EXPERTS at effective remote working globally

We help you build a dedicated software development team with nearly any competence requirements, tailoring it together. Generally, we try to hire good team-players with the right attitude and approach. We have always been REMOTE BY DESIGN, delivering efficiency and giving access to a global talent pool. How do we do it successfully?


Flexible use of tools that we embed into our day to day work, provides us with a backbone for continued communication, learning and collaborative delivery. Slack, Jira, Confluence, Teams, Zoom, Github, Google, Figma, Trello, Airtable and more all have a place in our remote working arsenal. Mixing our use of tools and selecting our people based on English ability, as well as technical, leads to seamless engagement.

Cloud Culture

We work in a cloud first way. It’s not just the tools or the hosting that make us cloudy. Running our meetings, catch-ups and processes through voice, video and text means no one is left out. We work out loud - we share everything, this brings the teams and our clients closer together. Extending our fram^ family to every corner of the globe.

Burn Out Busting

Working remotely is not new to us, so we actively commit to making sure no one burns out. Virtual drinks, recorded sessions to catch up on demand, varied working times to match clients, mid-day sleep breaks and committing to physical meetups, like annual client meetings in their home country.

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    Frequently-asked questions about dedicated teams

    • The dedicated team model is a perfect match for many projects because of its flexibility and scalability. However, you should not think of it as a one-size-fits-all solution. Dedicated teams are most effective in the following situations:

      • Long-term projects with vast scopes and the possibility for requirement modifications
      • When dealing with a one-time IT project, hiring an in-house staff is not justified.
      • When the in-house staff is already working on other development projects and cannot take on any more.
      • When your in-house team lacks the necessary experience and/or skills to complete the job. 

      A dedicated team model is designed for a long-term partnership and recommended to last for at least 12 months. We help you build a team of specialist developers that is dedicated to your project, with our responsibility for the day-to-day management of the team.

    • A dedicated team structure usually consists of highly-skilled professionals and contains developers, QA engineers, and remote Project Managers. Some additional positions that are available to make your team stronger are Business Analysts, UX/UI designers and DevOps engineers. The dedicated team combines high skills with minimal expense and thus is one of the most effective and cost-oriented approaches.

      Because we tailor our dedicated teams to your specific business needs at fram^, this structure may vary depending on your project. However, our fundamental aim remains the same: to assemble the ideal team to produce the digital solution you want.

    • Our procedure for hiring a dedicated team is very simple. You first send us the requirements of your project and the members you need. You will then start our internal recruitment process, which includes a CV scanning round, an English capacity test and a technical interview with our technical professionals, to find you the most potential candidates. Finally, we will set up an interview between you and the candidates. 

      This is our typical hiring procedure but if you have any requests, we will be flexible to accommodate. The process often lasts for 4-8 weeks, and our ultimate goal is to build you the best possible dedicated team of top developers in Vietnam.

    • You should not be worried even if this is your first time working with remote developers. As the team is dedicated to you and works with you directly on a daily basis, you can fully control and manage them just like your in-house team. 

      On the other hand, we have always been REMOTE BY DESIGN. Our teams are well-defined in communication and management processes that include project management software like Zoho and Jira, as well as communication software like Skype, Slack, and Google Meet. Also for each dedicated team, we offer a Senior Project Manager who can support you to manage your team and ensure their performance at Fram^ office at no extra cost.

    • We only hire the top talent in Vietnam and specifically have extensive experience in the dedicated team model. During the past 8 years, we have worked relentlessly to improve the quality of our services, which is reflected in the following numbers:

      • <20% is our turn-over rate on projects with a +12 month duration
      • 3.5 years is the average time Fram^ employee working on projects with a 12+ month duration stays with the company. 
      • 10 positions per month are filled by our recruiting specialists.
      • +100 projects delivered remotely with 4.5/5 overall customer satisfaction.