Digital managed services that guarantee your reliable and stable development for a long run

For clients looking for on-going services, we offer a range of managed services across all our capabilities with a focus on building for you a strong, stable dedicated development team of top digital talent in Vietnam.

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The project discovery phase is often the very first stage of the software project development process and an important prelude to MVP development.


fram^ helps you build dedicated teams of software developers and other tech talents in Vietnam that work independently or join with your in-house team as one unit. Your team works out in one of fram^’s offices and communicates directly with you.


Our clients have benefited from a unique and incredibly competitive opportunity for building and scaling teams of many different types of qualifications such as content managers, QA testers, data operators and so on in the biggest cities across Vietnam.

Dedicated software developers

We help you build a dedicated software development team with nearly any competence requirements, tailoring it together. Generally, we try to hire good team-players with the right attitude and approach. A proven track-record is important – for an example as contributors on Stack Overflow, Github or other relevant platforms.

Front-end developers

Back-end developers

Full-stack developers

Web app developers

Mobile app developers

QA engineers

fram^-custom software development company in Vietnam

Key advantages of this engagement model

  • Great competence-to-cost ratio
  • Software development experts are hand-picked, together with you, in a custom hiring process
  • High team engagement. The dedicated development team works only with you and is a part of your organization
  • Full control and flexibility over how you want to manage and scale the team

5-10 devs

average team size

4-8 weeks

on average until up and running

1+ years

minimum target collaboration


employee & client satisfaction

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We are EXPERTS at effective remote working globally

We help you build a dedicated software development team with nearly any competence requirements, tailoring it together. Generally, we try to hire good team-players with the right attitude and approach. We have always been REMOTE BY DESIGN, delivering efficiency and giving access to a global talent pool. How do we do it successfully?


Flexible use of tools that we embed into our day to day work, provides us with a backbone for continued communication, learning and collaborative delivery. Slack, Jira, Confluence, Teams, Zoom, Github, Google, Figma, Trello, Airtable and more all have a place in our remote working arsenal. Mixing our use of tools and selecting our people based on English ability, as well as technical, leads to seamless engagement.

Cloud Culture

We work in a cloud first way. It’s not just the tools or the hosting that make us cloudy. Running our meetings, catch-ups and processes through voice, video and text means no one is left out. We work out loud - we share everything, this brings the teams and our clients closer together. Extending our fram^ family to every corner of the globe.

Burn Out Busting

Working remotely is not new to us, so we actively commit to making sure no one burns out. Virtual drinks, recorded sessions to catch up on demand, varied working times to match clients, mid-day sleep breaks and committing to physical meetups, like annual client meetings in their home country.

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    Frequently-asked questions in digital managed services

      • Our 7-year experiences have given us various chances to assist leading corporations from different industries to realize their objectives. We believe that these experiences will assist us greatly in serving your business. 
      • Furthermore, fram^ always works with the top talents of Vietnam IT industry. Therefore, you can be assured that the results we deliver are of top-notch quality. 
      • On another note, our Swedish working style will certainly be a breath of fresh air, giving you a whole new look on your business operations.
      • Our working process always begins with understanding your business needs and requirements. Once we have established a sufficient understanding of your background information, we shall proceed with producing a proper execution plan as well as a well-defined timeline for you. 
      • Should you be in need of additional human resources for the execution phase, we shall assist you in organizing a suitable team of developers to resolve the upcoming monitoring and operations tasks.
      • We believe that companies of different sizes all have their own unique needs when it comes to technology application in business operations throughout their lifetimes.  
      • For example, small or mid-sized organizations may in urgent need of a full dedicated team of IT developers before they can grow their own in-house team with sufficient competencies to handle IT operations, while major corporations may only look for a few developers to fill in their missing gaps for new projects. 
      • With that belief in mind, we always have consultancy sessions with businesses before getting down to work in providing them a bespoke solution. Therefore, should you be in need of our assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at fram^.
      • To be honest, we think that a more in-depth assessment of your business is required before we give you the definite answer. 
      • For instance, if you already have a stable IT system in place, where major problems rarely occur, then a break/fix support may be more cost efficient for you. However, there is still the risk that support may not be able to respond immediately, resulting in huge data losses. 
      • On the other hand, managed services are extremely helpful if you are still in the process of improving and growing your IT system. Managed services IT teams are not that much different from your own in-house IT team, since they are always available for any possible breakdown, as well as monitoring and maintaining your IT operations in proper condition on a constant basis.
      • As one of the top digital managed services companies, we truly believe that utilizing managed services provides quite a few up-hand advantages for businesses. However, the final decision still lies in your hand. Should you need more insights to make the right choice, please never hesitate to contact fram^ for further assistance.
      • Our developers are chosen from a pool of top talents to match with your every specific needs. Your requirements shall be assessed by us carefully before the augmentation process begins so as to ensure the developers are capable of handling your requests excellently. 
      • Furthermore, we always work on getting to know your business during the initial stage of our collaboration. Plus, you shall be involved in our recruitment process should you wish to. With your recommendations on our progress of work, we are sure that we can help you meet with the right developers, who can understand and incorporate your organizational culture, while at the same time outstandingly supplementing your in-house team of IT developers. 
      • Should you still have any hesitations, please meet us at fram^ so that we can provide you in-depth insights and assurance on how we shall proceed with addressing your problems and projects.