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When making any technology investment it is critical to gain impartial and industry-leading expertise to ensure full value is released from that investment. We help you define and develop the necessary groundwork for your idea to become reality.

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The project discovery phase is often the very first stage of the software project development process and an important precursor to MVP development. Together, we generate components such as:

  • Goals, objectives and requirements definition
  • Visualisation and overview of the future product
  • Material to attract investor attention
  • Detailed development plans that can be implemented including timelines and cost estimates


fram^ helps you build dedicated teams of top software developers handpicked to your specific needs. Your teams work out of fram^’s offices and communicate directly with you.


Our clients have benefited from growing teams of content managers, QA testers and data operators in Vietnam, offering an incredible chance for building and scaling teams of many different types of qualifications.
fram^-digital consultancy services in Vietnam

User & business needs analysis

  • High-level business requirements and feature lists

    Brainstorming sessions, interviews, prototyping, and requirements workshops will assist with determining stakeholder needs.

  • Defining Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    Breaking down IT project scope into stages will make it valuable for early customers and small enough for fast implementation. Allows for earlier initial feedback collection.

  • Estimates

    Project scope evaluation and provision of estimates in man-days, based on gathered requirements and features.

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fram^-digital development company in Vietnam

Product design and management

  • UX research

    – Competitor analysis in the form of a functionality table
    – Definition of key Users – their needs and expectations
    – Definition of main use cases

  • UX wireframes

    Design of low-detail interface wireframes to understand the user experience

  • Higher detail mock-ups

    Mock-up designs of key interface screens with enough quality to attract investor attention

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fram^-digital development services in Vietnam

Architecture and development

  • Technical architecture, specification and solution design

    We create a technical project model based on what we have identified as being the most optimal architecture design, plus tools and technologies needed to start

  • Security, Risk & Regulatory Compliance

    We create a technical project model based on what we have identified as being the most optimal architecture design, plus tools and technologies needed to start

  • Digital Marketing strategy and execution to launch

    We create a technical project model based on what we have identified as being the most optimal architecture design, plus tools and technologies needed to start

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Our fixed and flexible packages

Start-up Custom All-inclusive
High-level business requirements and feature lists
Defining Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
UX research
UX wireframes
Detailed mock-ups Key UI screens Key UI screens in the form of an interactive UX wireframe prototype
MVP technical stack
Digital marketing


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    Frequently-asked questions in digital consultancy & professional services

      • As we have mentioned before, our experts will have further meetings with you to define which are your most major needs and what we can possibly do to address your problems in the digital development of your business. As such, the mix of solutions we provide may very well be different from the above packages. 
      • We aim at providing bespoke services for each business, knowing that businesses are all unique in their own way, especially in the digital development aspects in the era of ever-evolving technologies. Therefore, our pricing may vary from project to project. You can however be assured that once we have worked out all the definite requirements, you shall be provided with an exact cost for digital development services.
      • We hope that you can collaborate with us closely during digital consultancy sessions for us to get a better understanding of your business operations, as well as providing us with the exact details of your specifications of the future projects. 
      • Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated as in-depth knowledge will assist us in working out the most suitable solutions of professional services for you. It shall reduce our workload and time spent on researching tremendously, accelerating the working process during digital consultancy sessions and enhancing our productivity in performing professional services for you. 
      • It is totally up to you, we shall work with you in digital consultancy sessions to further finalize the professional services that we can provide for your business. 
      • The above packages generally include the core professional services that most businesses require to facilitate their own operations and digital development. Nevertheless, we are well aware that each business is different and there will be times where extremely unique and niche IT needs arise, requiring specific professional services.  
      • With that knowledge in mind, fram^ has been building its own network of top talents from the IT industry so as to empower and deliver the most comprehensive digital consultancy and professional services for our clients. Therefore, should you still have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a more in-depth discussion regarding your own digital development.
      • Our digital consultancy services start with the evaluation of all related stakeholders of your business as well as its digital development progress. With the knowledge from such assessments, we shall provide you with valuable advice that will gear your operations in the right direction. 
      • This is especially important for the initial stage of your business. A well-established plan as a foundation will be a stepping-stone for you to jump even higher. 
      • Furthermore, the recommendations for you are made by top talents of the IT industry, who will inform and provide you with the big picture of your business. You can be assured that you shall be up-to-date on the most modern IT methodologies, while still having the time and resources to prioritize your business and financial goals.
      • fram^ has had over 7-year experiences working with both big and small clients from various industries. Our strong expertises has proven to be valuable and is well-recognized among leading corporations that have collaborated with us. Should you interest, you can visit the  “Case Studies” page on our website for better references on our past projects
      • Please don’t hesitate to contact us even if you think your business is too niche. For the digital consultancy sessions to be executed seamlessly and efficiently, we always go to great lengths to do a thorough research of your industry and your business operations beforehand. 
      • Our advice for you comes from the networks of experts that fram^ has accumulated and grown for the past few years. We sincerely hope to assist you in realizing your business objectives in digital development through the employment top talents in the IT industry for your project.