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Are you ready to take control of your company’s growth and drive it forward? Fram^ is your one-stop shop for all of your product development and technological needs. Our comprehensive approach, which blends cutting-edge technology with human skills, enables you to create exceptional product experiences.

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    Business Analysis & Initial Discovery

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    Minimum Viable
    Product (MVP)

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There’re more than just technical benefits for startups

  • Commercial advantages
  • Technical advantages

  • Full product creation from Business Analysis and Initial Discovery to cost-effective MVP development, testing and launch

  • Help in building mature business model and boilerplates for a quick business start

  • Accumulated expertise from all projects with our own library of components and database of ready-made solutions

  • Homegrown talent understands the particular business needs of startups and uses cutting-edge technologies

  • We are experienced in competitive fields with a high bar for excellence:
    Retail, Edu-tech, E-health, Logistics

  • Experienced Tech Leads and Project Managers are ready to provide support at all stages of the project.

  • Our projects are based on proven modern technologies:
    Serverless, React Native, Python, Javascript (React.js, Node.js), and much more…

  • Help in building mature business model and boilerplates for a quick business start

Clients we’ve helped with success stories

More offers we have beyond your technical needs

Business advisory

Our leadership team of serial entrepreneurs and investors can help you navigate all the business complexities ahead through semi-annual coaching sessions like: Quarterly fundraising strategy and planning Revenue generation advisory

Progressive approach

We offer a simple equity conversion investment (SAFE) model for digital ventures where part of the technology development cost is paid up front and part of the cost is converted into equity at the next funding round. This shows our commitment and conviction to the products we build together with you.

Operational support in Vietnam

We can help you with the time-consuming operational tasks by providing back office support like HR, Finance, Admin, IT services so you can focus on what you do best: building the product you love. HR Finance Admin IT services

Our track record as a company builder

The team behind fram^ has started and built large companies with significant value from scratch. Our Chairman and CEO are both serial entrepreneurs and investors (ex: CEO of Lazada Vietnam, Lazada Malaysia, Bima Sri Lanka, Chairman and Founder of Intrepid Group, Founder of Endurance Capital, etc.). We have built many of our own digital ventures, from idea conception to launch and growth stage. We currently have 6 live ventures in various funding stages and we have been part of a number of successful exits and spin-offs including Intrepid and Pangara.

What do our clients say?

Building Intrepid from scratch inside and in collaboration with the team at fram^ has been an intense and ultra high-pace experience. Looking back, I’m amazed when I see what Intrepid has become In such a short period of time since the company’s foundation.


— Khang Chim, CEO & Co-founder of Intrepid Vietnam

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    Frequently-asked questions about dedicated teams

    • The dedicated team model is a perfect match for many projects because of its flexibility and scalability. However, you should not think of it as a one-size-fits-all solution. Dedicated teams are most effective in the following situations:

      • Long-term projects with vast scopes and the possibility for requirement modifications
      • When dealing with a one-time IT project, hiring an in-house staff is not justified.
      • When the in-house staff is already working on other development projects and cannot take on any more.
      • When your in-house team lacks the necessary experience and/or skills to complete the job. 

      A dedicated team model is designed for a long-term partnership and recommended to last for at least 12 months. We help you build a team of specialist developers that is dedicated to your project, with our responsibility for the day-to-day management of the team.

    • We only hire the top talent in Vietnam and specifically have extensive experience in the dedicated team model. During the past 8 years, we have worked relentlessly to improve the quality of our services, which is reflected in the following numbers:

      • <20% is our turn-over rate on projects with a +12 month duration
      • 3.5 years is the average time Fram^ employee working on projects with a 12+ month duration stays with the company. 
      • 10 positions per month are filled by our recruiting specialists.
      • +100 projects delivered remotely with 4.5/5 overall customer satisfaction.
      • Our digital consultancy services start with the evaluation of all related stakeholders of your business as well as its digital development progress. With the knowledge from such assessments, we shall provide you with valuable advice that will gear your operations in the right direction. 
      • This is especially important for the initial stage of your business. A well-established plan as a foundation will be a stepping-stone for you to jump even higher. 
      • Furthermore, the recommendations for you are made by top talents of the IT industry, who will inform and provide you with the big picture of your business. You can be assured that you shall be up-to-date on the most modern IT methodologies, while still having the time and resources to prioritize your business and financial goals.