We provide end-to-end digital managed services

Our services are purpose-built for your needs and to support you to find best-fit solutions. From the very beginning to the end, we help you to discover what you want, implement what you need and operate as you grow.

We listen and learn about goals first before proposing to you with an effective and scalable tech solution to your products.
We give you immediate access to the team capabilities needed to deliver on your business goals. Our tech-stack spans every area of software engineering.
We keep your service running smoothly and securely while continuously optimizing the cost, speed and productivity.

We work in flexible models of engagement across all of our services

Make your decision faster and easier with multiple options to your needs at any time. As responsive as your own-in-house engineers, yet affordable and providing fully managed services, we bring you the best of both worlds.

We help you to choose the right cloud services platform with the availability, performance and cost level best suited for your services. Our expertise in multi-cloud makes us a preferred strategic partner and Managed Services Provider for AWS, Google and Microsoft.
Typically delivered in partnership agreements of 12 months or more, a team of software engineers is assembled to your specification, reports directly to your own in-house team, and serves your business full-time out of our Vietnam office.
Set up a new Vietnamese operation, with reduced risk and lower costs. fram^ will recruit, manage and run your new base from our offices. When your new business arm is fully established, transfer the team into your business as your own employees.
To complement the Dedicated (Standing) Team, we also maintain Fram^ Engineering Hub. This cohort of experienced, multidisciplinary developers tackles short-term assignments and boosts your capabilities as needed.

Why fram^?

Since 2013, we are proud to support +50 businesses across Europe and Asia, and deliver some of the most brilliant business ideas to the world.

Cost effective & optimal

To closely align both fram^’s development capabilities & services with your service requirements and financial objectives

Top talent

To provide industry leading developers and key individuals in support of the service; mapping our teams abilities to your requirements and tech stack

Seamless transition

To provide a seamless transition of our development services to you, including high quality engagement, knowledge transfer and minimal risk during transition

Strategic guidance

To provide strategic advice, adaptability and additional project services to deliver your continuously evolving product and technology roadmap

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