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Transforming your digital delivery processes with comprehensive DevOps managed services. Create one powerful and agile team that speeds up the process of development, integration and improvement, to put you ahead of the competition.

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We believe in DevOps

As of 2018, over 90% of global technology companies have adopted DevOps and the number keeps increasing”, according to a Statista’s survey. DevOps allows enterprises to create and improve products at a faster pace and save much more development costs than before.

I want to be consulted with DevOps philosophies and practices

We proceed with DevOps consulting through a chain of collaborative sessions, where we will assess your business objectives, culture and any hindrance you may have. Here is the outline of how we execute these counseling sessions:

  • Analyze the current stage of your business
  • Analyze your current tools and processes
  • Create business value case for your DevOps journey
  • Establish a roadmap and frameworks for your DevOps implementation
  • Provide a bespoke blueprint for you, outlining DevOps tools, practices and processes

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I want to implement DevOp practices to my organization

Upon your business blueprint and strategy, a DevOps Center of Excellence shall be established for you to implement the changes gradually, preventing a complete business culture shock. We will also guide you through the adaptation process by:

  • Manage DevOps adoption
  • Implement best practices in your operations
  • Establish DevOps on-premise and cloud-based tools and processes
  • Offer Micro-services, serverless computing and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Apply continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), testing and code inspection
  • Manage configuration
  • Setup and supervise the operation of your system
  • Create DevOps usage model befitting your core team
  • Develop adoption strategies that can be reused across teams

Implement DevOps successfully

I want an ongoing DevOps support to my business

With your implemented DevOps practices, the next step to ensure an innovative success is to continuously develop, manage and support the team. We have just the right people onboard to help you with the following services:

  • Continuously support and maintain automation and CI/CD projects
  • Provide bespoke technology and provisions for your infrastructure and environment
  • Ceaselessly support integration, delivery and operations
  • Maintain DevOps tools
  • Inspect code and make reports
  • Test automation, data management and execution
  • Setup and provide release plans for delivery pipelines
  • Manage configuration
  • Supervise and notify instantly
  • Ongoing manage Cloud services

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The tools we use

We have proven knowledge and experience in DevOps managed services. Our experienced DevOps engineers are familiar with various tools to easily adapt with any of your existing environments.

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Why should you choose us for DevOps services?

For over 7 years, fram^ has been assisting companies and corporations worldwide in enacting and supporting DevOps practices. Our following assets and achievements makes us the perfect choices for then when it comes to DevOps services:

  • Experienced and certified DevOps engineers in Vietnam
  • 3x faster time-to-market through ceaseless application delivery
  • 30% cost saving on average for businesses with DevOps support
  • Flexible and scalable engagement models to your needs at anytime
  • Quick access to your dream team at no cost of hiring and training
  • High recruitment standards of both technical and soft skills
  • Internal team of many qualifications available to support you anytime

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    Frequently-asked questions in DevOps managed services

      • It is always important to remember that DevOps is not just any tool that can magically improve your business performance. DevOps is a practice, and for that practice to work you need the right people, using the right tools (i.e. Azure DevOps services, AWS DevOps services), in the right environment.
      • Our way of working would be to begin with making an assessment of your business performance and of the tools and processes applied within your organization. Only when such analysis is completed, and we see that a DevOps implementation can support your business growth shall we give you a detailed roadmap on how our DevOps engineers will proceed with the work.. 
      • For a smooth implementation, we shall develop the DevOps Center of Excellence for your business, which will allow you to start the change on a small scale and build it up gradually, avoiding any negative effects that a drastic change may inflict on your organization.
      • As with any major business decision, the one thing that you definitely need to get right is how DevOps microservices will contribute to your business operations. Any investment that does not result in enhanced financial operations is not worth your time and effort. 
      • You would also want to have a transparent discussion with your people regarding the plan of going DevOps. DevOps is a major implementation that involves major changes in the working environment as well as the workflow. Therefore, if your employees are not happy with the new practice, chances are the implementation cannot be as effective as it should be.
      • DevOps practices have a lot to do with people. Therefore, the size of your organization would be an important factor to be taken into consideration for a smooth implementation. 
      • To be more specific, DevOps is easier to implement in small and large organizations. Since for small organizations, most of the time every staff will play multiple roles to be able to handle all the available jobs, and DevOps will therefore can be implemented organically without any outside factors. 
      • This process can happen in large corporations, too. Since big companies tend to be broken down into small teams, these teams can also start to embrace DevOps just like how small organizations do. 
      • Organizations of medium-sized organizations tend to have more trouble with DevOps, since they are certainly bigger than small organizations, yet not big enough for their teams to be separated into small chunks like that in bigger companies. 
      • But that is only the theory, for the actual practice, we suggest you consult us so that we can have a better idea regarding the scope of your business and provide you with a more suitable roadmap in implementing our DevOps managed services.
      • Generally, on the technical side, having DevOps implemented simplifies and stabilizes the working environment, where problems can be addressed at a faster pace, allowing the continuous release of new softwares and features.
      • Looking through the cultural aspect, DevOps connect employees together, enhancing their collaboration and engagement, which in turn results in higher productivity
      • Contact fram^ in case you would like to have an exact assessment of how much leveraging DevOps services can help improve your business.