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iOS app development

Using primarily Swift and Objective C, our mobile teams develop apps on all Apple products including iPhone and iWatch apps, and tvOS for Apple TV.

Android app development

We rely on technologies such as Java and Kotlin to create apps that cover smartphones, tablets, IoT wearables and other Android operating system devices.

Cross-platform app development

Based on universal cross-platform frameworks such as React-native, Flutter or Xamarin, we build apps that can effectively run on multiple platforms.

High-quality mobile applications

Our goal is nothing less than offering you a flawless mobile app that attracts millions of downloads. From start to finish, we focus on unique and appealing design, great user experience, highly optimised technical delivery and ultimately excellent user outcomes and reviews.


Requirement analysis
Strategic planning
Solution design

Design & Development

UX/UI design
Architectural solutions
App development

Testing & Deployment

Quality assurance
Testing & bug fixing
System checking

Support & Maintenance

Health check
APIs & 3rd-party integrations
Customer experience improvement

Our technologies

We have a large, dedicated development team that focuses solely on mobile app development services. Our experienced mobile app developers always employ the latest technologies and are a part of the global mobile frontier.

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Why choose fram^ for custom mobile app development?

Over the last 7 years, fram^ has been building and delivering hundreds of mobile apps to the market. Here are the top benefits that we are chosen by leading brands, companies and enterprises to launch their special products:

  • Significant cost-saving for highly skilled and experienced Vietnamese mobile app developers, compared to US and European rates
  • In-depth domain knowledge with top-notch solutions and technologies
  • Integrated agile development and DevOps processes, providing a culture of continuous delivery and improvement
  • Assurance of top-class quality and robust security for your mobile app
  • Quick access to your dream team at no cost of hiring, training and managing
  • High recruitment standards of technical, language and soft skills
  • A wide range of capabilities across our team to support any of your development, engineering, design and management needs

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    Frequently-asked questions in mobile app development services

      • Yes, we provide comprehensive custom mobile app development services at fram^. From conceptualization to post-deployment support, we shall be available and contribute at every stage. 
      • For that reason, we shall gladly have the submission of the application taken care of upon the completion of development. We would like to note that the fees charged by the application stores shall be included in your final payment, however.  
      • As stated above, we will not simply vanish after the completed app is transferred to you. Once the app is presented on the market, we will continue our job in maintaining proper operations should you wish us to. 
      • In the case that you would want to monetize your app, release updates to fix bugs or add new features, or even expand the scope of the app etc. and ensure that the app stays up-to-date and is capable of retaining visiting users, our team is ready to assist you in making those goals a reality. 
      • From our well-established experience as a mobile development company, we can help you decide which idea to proceed with. In particular, we would arrange counselling sessions with you, where you can present your ideas along with your business conditions and objectives. Once we have a generic idea of how your business is doing and what you want to achieve with your app, we shall give our recommendations on the most viable idea to convert to reality. 
      • In case you still have suspicions regarding the idea, there is no need to worry. Before the actual development, we always provide you with the initial design and the prototype for the mobile app
      • Through the prototype, you can see in practice how the app looks and evaluate the overall user experience. From this prototype, we will also be able to address the critical issues in the whole design and make all the necessary changes before putting our resources into building the app. 
      • In case you still want to take more measures to ensure the success of the app, please do not hesitate to discuss further with us so we can work out a solution for you.
      • The answer would be up to how you would want your business to grow. The factors that you should put into consideration include the locations of your customers, what type of mobile devices they are using, how would you want to target them, your initial budget for development and the scalability of your business in the future, etc. 
      • We suggest you do a background research and establish a business plan with clear objectives to gain better insights on which platforms to choose. In case you find this task daunting, our team at fram^ are totally capable of assisting you in doing the assessment and making recommendations for you to proceed.
      • We wouldn’t be able to give you a concrete number on the development cost at this stage. The price we charge pretty much depends on the complexity of the app, how the app should be developed and the human resources needed to build. 
      • Several factors that add to the final cost would be the design, the architecture of the app, how many testing sessions to be done, the features included and the app integrations with other systems. The scope of the app as well as the ability to scale the app as your business grows will also be taken into consideration. 
      • We suggest you to clarify with us all of the requirements needed to receive an exact estimation of quotation and a clear roadmap of development to plan your launching date.
      • You can certainly trust us with the confidentiality of your ideas. We go to great lengths to ensure that your ideas stay yours, safe and private, even long after the completion of our contract. 
      • To be more specific, we are more than willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you before the start of any discussion between us, provided that the conditions included in the Agreement are fair for both parties and are not overly restrictive in such a way that make it impossible for us to proceed with our projects. 
      • Another thing to note is that when the project is officially started, we have legal agreements with all our full-time developers who join your team or work on the project to keep all information undisclosed.