SaaS development services - from strategy to market success

fram^ offers a complete range of SaaS development services needed for your product from start to finish. Through an integrated and process driven approach, we can support you to build the right product to drive market success.

Let’s build an awesome product together

How we bring you the best possible product

From strategic planning and portfolio management through agile, front-line execution, we work closely with you to create a world-class product design and development capability.

Idea management

All ideas and feature requirements are brought to the table so that, collectively, a complete picture of the product is gained.


A Product Roadmap - a step by step implementation strategy is created with a clear timeline for understanding where you are on the road.


A Comprehensive Specifications Documentation is created to understand objective, impact, and effort needed for each feature and the whole product.


Tasks are prioritized on the overall understanding of the product, ensuring successful and timely deployment at the end.

Product development

Make sure features are delivered to a high-quality and right specifications, tests are run and analytics are tracked to improve your product continually.

Customer feedback

Make your product richer and further developed through customer feedback, along with finding and resolving unforeseen problems.


Keep your product running well and optimally through a long-term support in: Optimization, Software update, Help support and Bug fixing.

Our technologies

We have a large, dedicated team of SaaS developers that focuses solely on product design and development services. Our experienced product managers go deep on technology trends, architectural questions, stack control points, road maps and managing the development cycle.

Clients we've helped with success stories

What do our clients say?

Why choose fram^ for developing a SaaS product?

Over the last 7 years, fram^ has been building and investing in market leading products all over the world. Here are some of the top benefits you have with us:

  • Highly skilled and experienced product managers and designers
  • Focus on optimal, secure and speedy delivery solutions
  • Experience in managing complex products across various industries
  • Comprehensive post-deployment support for your product
  • Quick access to your dream team at no cost of hiring and training
  • High recruitment standards of both technical and soft skills
  • Internal team of many qualifications available to support you anytime

Build your right product with fram^

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    Frequently-asked questions in SaaS development services

      • We shall give you full and flexible control over the whole project. You will be able to give your input on how the work should be done at any phase and we will follow closely with your instructions.
      • Before starting the project, we will provide you with a clear roadmap and timeline to help you keep track of how the project will progress. We will also organize online meetings regularly, where we give you updates on what we have done, what is currently in process and when it is expected to be done, what tasks remain in the backlog, etc. 
      • We are happy to receive your feedback during these meetings also, or at any time you are available and see the need to make changes. All feedback will be taken into consideration to improve upon during the product design and development process.
      • Yes, it is totally possible for us to augment a team to cooperate with your in-house team  in realizing the objectives of the technical product development project should you wish us to. We shall work with you beforehand to clarify the experiences and skill sets needed to handle the projects. After that, we will proceed to organize the team that fits the stated requirements.
      • How the two teams collaborate and the term of collaboration will be dependent upon you. Our team can either work together directly with yours on the projects from the beginning to the maintenance stage of your product, or separately in another function to provide support for clearing pending tasks in the backlog, accelerating the development phase.
      • For more details on how this process is conducted or if you would like to ask for another type of support, please contact us and we will go more in-depth in our answer for your better understanding and decision-making.
      • Well, it depends. It takes some simple products a few months to finish, but some complex others may take years to come. Nevertheless, you never need to worry about the unpredictability in the SaaS product development time. 
      • After defining the requirements, you’ll receive a Product Roadmap that shows you a clear timeline to understand where you are on the road, and we shall agree on  the skills and the number of members your team needs for the product design and development.
      • Don’t worry! We’ll certainly do our best to assist you. As long as you can be sure about the purpose of your product with clear expectations, we can help you validate the idea, make suggestions and flesh out a roadmap for your product design and development.
      • Based on this roadmap and the reports updated to you on a regular basis, you can monitor the progress, provide feedback and assure that the project is heading in the right direction and is not behind the timeline for the launching date.
      • In case you want to make any changes during the process, which is very common in technology, we’re highly flexible and adaptive. Don’t hesitate to tell us as soon as possible so that we can discuss and make changes where needed. 
      • It’s different for each project but we’re here to support clients of all sizes and scopes. The experts at fram^ would provide you with cost-effective and optimal solutions that both meet your technical requirements and financial capability, and most importantly, bring you market success.
      • We recommend that you should discuss with us how much you’re able to invest in the project along with your specific expectations on how the product would be developed and utilized. By that way, we can have a better visualization and propose you an exact quotation.
      • Another of our suggestions is that we can divide your complete product into smaller Minimal Viable Products (MVPs). The price for MVPs are more affordable, plus you have a chance to test market response to your product and gather instant feedback to make it better.