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We focus on meeting unique requirements with optimal solutions. Our expert team develops high-performance, well-designed web applications that help you thrive.

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What and how we work in custom web app development

We will focus on building a web app that meets your needs and helps you grow. As experts in the field we will also focus on scalability, adaptability, security and overall platform performance. Our professional teams of developers, designers and product managers will support you from start to finish.


Requirement analysis
Strategic planning
Solution design

Design & Development

Interface design
Information architecture
Web app development
SEO optimization

Testing & Deployment

Quality assurance
Bug fixing
System checking

Support & Maintenance

Health check
3rd party integration
Traffic growth
Act & convert improvement

Our technologies

We have a large, dedicated development team that focuses solely on web app development services. Our experienced web app developers always employ the latest technologies and are a part of the global web app frontier.

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Why choose fram^ for custom web app development?

Over the last 7 years, fram^ has been building and delivering hundreds of web apps for businesses of different languages. As a leading web app development company in Vietnam, we keep in mind these key benefits to our customers:

  • Deep experience with top-notch solutions and technologies
  • Fast delivery in a timely and quality manner 
  • Competitive pricing for Vietnam’s top web app developers  
  • Flexibility to scale up and down web app development team as needed
  • Quick access to your dream team at no cost of hiring, training and managing
  • High recruitment standards of both technical, language and soft skills
  • A wide range of capabilities across our team to support any of your development, engineering, design and management needs

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    Frequently-asked questions in web app development services

      • The development time varies from project-to-project to be honest. A web design and development project can take from weeks to even months to finish, depending on how complex it is and how much resources we have to work on. 
      • Simple websites that contain generally texts and simple graphical elements are quick and easy to code, while sites with complex designs and many functions will definitely take us longer to finish as it takes more effort to assure the site is launched in perfect condition.
      • The pace of our work shall also be set by you, our client. The amount of input you can provide in the first stage, how often you can give out feedback as well as the readiness of content to be included and various other things will determine the speed at which we can deliver the website to you.
      • You never need to worry about the unpredictability in the web development time. After receiving your requirements, we shall give you a timeline of the building process so you can keep track of it and adjust your launching date accordingly.
      • We would want to know about which industry you’re in, your business goals, your expectations on how the web will be designed and operated, etc. The more information and resources we are provided, the faster and easier for us to find you an optimal solution.
      • On another note, the content of your site also plays a vital role, therefore having it ready before the design & development stage shall make the process go smoothly. If you don’t have anyone to do the content, we can help you with that, too.
      • We’re afraid that there’s no certain answer for this. Since our web solution is designed to be unique and bespoke for your own business, we will be asking for your assessments regarding the business objectives, your website purposes and the features needed on the web, as well as a number of other things regarding the interface design and function. 
      • The complexity in your needs and requirements of the web will be the determinants of the web building cost. Therefore, only when we receive the most accurate specifications from you can we give you the final number for the project. On the other hand, you can tell us your budget in advance and we’ll find a way to match your budget with the website development.
      • Another thing to note that while budget is always a concern, we suggest that you see the website as an investment that will later earn you the money rather than just some business expenses. Moreover, we’re happy to work out the most suitable plan for your needs and budget.
      • To answer this question, there are two aspects that need examining. First is the physical appearance of the web and second is the architecture and technology behind.
      • If it is the website interface that is bothering you, we would suggest you keep the website and make updates on the graphics and content gradually to give the visitors a more refreshing and relevant look as well as increasing their time-on-site.
      • But if the problem you have is a poor back-end architectural system that negatively affects the web performance like page speed or responsiveness across platforms, then we believe that it is high time your website got a reengineering.
      • You can examine for yourself what is hindering your performance and decide what support you would ask of us, or just leave the assessments to us and we shall put in our recommendations as well as the suggested options for you to fix your website. 
      • Either way, please keep in mind that a modernized website with an organized structure will facilitate your business growth in the future, especially if you want to build a solid presence on the Internet. 
      • Our philosophy is to create the website that would allow your business to grow and thrive. 
      • For the achievement of stated mission, before setting out to the actual process of coding the website for you, we will arrange counseling sessions so that both parties can clarify on the requirements on the website design and features, then establish a strategic plan for the development process where you can follow up on how the project progresses.
      • Upon the completion of the specifications analysis, we shall present to you the solution we came up with, as well as providing a prototype of the website for you to make any adjustments that you deem necessary. Only when you are happy with how the website will look shall we proceed to the next step of web design and development. 
      • Regarding the optimization of the web for your customers, we guarantee that the web shall be designed to be pleasing to the eyes and fit with your business objectives. All functions will be fully tested before the launching date with your monitoring to ensure perfect operations. We would also put extra efforts into keeping the loading time of the web to the minimum.
      • We hope that these measures that we take will assure you of the quality of the work we deliver.