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We understand that every organisation faces different and unique challenges. That’s why we offer dedicated consulting and development services to help you build quickly, overcome the challenges and get the expected results.

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A trusted partner can unlock even more success for every organisation. We offer a complete range of managed services across digital, development, cyber and enterprise systems. We build our services with your needs in mind.
fram^-custom software development company in Vietnam

Over the past 8 years, we’ve helped clients with a range of needs to succeed all over the world.

Our aim is to help your business to achieve tangible benefits with the strength of technology and its people.

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    Christopher Brinkeborn Beselin-Cofounder & Chairman of fram^-custom software development company in Vietnam

    We started fram^ to give top Vietnamese digital talent a home in which you can work directly with the clients to create real values.

    In fram^, we believe in creativity and dedication, not hierarchy.”

    — Christopher Beselin, Chairman & Cofounder of fram^

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    October 16, 2021

    The Best Software Development Methodologies for Small Team

    Creating a software product inevitably requires a huge feat of endeavor by a diversely skilled team. However, no matter how excellent the development team is, the implementation of the project without a coherent strategic and working management process will very easily lead to chaos, worse, complete failure! Hence, many different software development methodology have been […]
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    October 2, 2021

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      Why should you choose fram^ as your custom software development company in Vietnam?

      fram^: A leading custom software development company in Vietnam

      fram^ is your trusted partner in digital and custom software development services. Since our establishment in 2013, we are proud to have supported over 50 businesses across Europe and Asia in delivering some of the most brilliant ideas to the world.

      Our team comprises the top talents of the industry, who will help you lay out the strategy and walk with you through the whole process. Here are the reasons that make us a different custom software development company in comparison to the others:

        • We provide high-quality digital services, spanning consultancy, development and operations.
        • fram^ provides you with the ability to access top quality talent in Vietnam, whilst providing a Swedish culture and way of working that gives us an advantage over traditional ‘outsourcing’.
        • Having operations that span Sweden and Vietnam gives us the ability to provide cost effective solutions, when compared to onshore, without simply focusing on being low-cost like other nearshore/offshore providers.
        • Our experience comes from working with clients that ranges across start-up to enterprise. We focus on understanding the needs of the client, the business and the user. We can deliver engineering solutions to meet their needs.
        • From the range of work we have done in Europe, US and SE Asia we bring a wealth of knowledge about how to build robust solutions, how to integrate other platforms and services, how to manage data and risks and how to transition development from other teams to increase communication, reliability and output.
        • The diverse range of skills and client experience we have will enable us to provide the range of skills needed to make any custom software development project a success.

      Vietnam: A new Silicon Valley of Asia’s IT development industry

      Vietnam is emerging as a country that provides cost-effective yet quality software making solutions in Asia. The CIO magazine has revealed that the cost for custom software development services in Vietnam is around 90% lower than that in the USA and is half of that in other competing countries like India or Philippines.

      Besides the advantage about the cost, Vietnamese people are well-known for being smart, sincerity and diligent. For those with long-term vision in their custom software development, there are more significant reasons that make Vietnam their perfect destination:

      1. The golden population:

      Around 2/3 of the population in Vietnam is under the age of 35 and around 45% are between the ages of 15 and 35. This means around half of the population which is equal to roughly 50 million people is fit for joining the workforce.

      2. High education level:

      Each year, the Vietnam labor force welcomes around 280,000 graduates, who have gone through comprehensive academic courses and are eager to set out on their career path. Among those graduates, a number of 30,000 and up to 40,000 individuals have Information and Communication Technology background.

      3. Hard-working people:

      There are 3 main factors that determine a good employee: Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. Out of those, good attitude is regarded as the first and foremost criterion. That is why every company needs a workforce that is hardworking and eager to be with the company.

      4. Cost-effective salary base:

      With the annual pay rate of around $21,500 for software developers, Vietnam is considered by the Singapore Business Review to be the country with the most effective salary within the SEA region, especially when compared to the pay of $39,671 in Thailand, $47,000 in Malaysia or even as high as $72,993 in Singapore.

      5. Great socio-economic stability:

      During the last 30 years, Vietnam has successfully maintained a stable political environment, which in turn facilitates a steady economic development, with an approximately 7.4% GDP growth rate. Since 9/10 Vietnamese are non-religions, the number of ethnic or religions-related conflicts is scarce.

      6. Bigger foreign investment:

      A great number of leading corporations in the tech industry, like Intel, Fujitsu, Foxconn or Canon, have already made investments in Vietnam. The financial support from these funding has allowed Vietnam to develop and improve its infrastructure, creating an even better environment for custom software development firms to thrive.