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Provide exceptional experiences to your audience with our comprehensive system performance optimization services, tools and procedures. Our testers and QA engineers are experienced, ensuring fast, safe and efficient optimization.

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Whether your product is a platform, web, mobile or new tech applications such as AI, IoTs and Blockchain, we offer end-to-end functional and non-functional testing on all aspects to analyze performance, identify opportunities and propose improvements.

Functional testing

Ensure your software behaves as expected, with all functional & business requirements with:

  • Smoke testing
  • Unit/ module testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Regression/ sanity testing
  • User acceptance testing

Performance testing

Ensure your system performs well under certain workload, plus is scalable and reliable with:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Scalability testing
  • Stability testing

Usability testing

Ensure your apps are attractive and convenient for end users and popular among them with:

  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • UX audit
  • UX research & design

Security testing

Ensure your organization is mitigating possible compromises & breaches with:

  • Network test
  • Application security test (Black, white, grey box testing)
  • Client-side security test
  • Remote access security test
  • Social engineering test
  • Red Teaming

Our approach on performance optimization testing

Quick scalability and early detection of potential problems

When it comes to optimizing system performance, we not just help you solve current problems but also focus on the ability to scale quickly as well as early predict and prevent potential issues that may happen to your system in the future.

Continuous testing and seamless system integration

We adopt continuous testing practices and integrate testing activities into CI/CD pipelines within the DevOps approach. We ensure throughout coverage and minimal risks to your system in the optimization process.

The combination of best testing methods and practices

We combine manual and automation testing, with trusted automation frameworks, and also black-box testing to accelerate releases, increase test coverage, and find more bugs before they’re produced.

The tools we use

We have a large, dedicated team that focuses solely on system performance optimization services. Our certified testers provide the most effective optimization solutions, follow the latest techniques and tools.

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Over the past 7 years, fram^ has been delivering testing and optimization expertise to meet all of our clients’ specific requirements. Just as testing is an indispensable part of the development cycle, we’re your partner to success due to some of the top reasons:

  • Our highly competent engineers collaborate closely with you to guarantee that the deliverables exceed industry standards.
  • We apply the best tools, performance optimization approaches, and frameworks to simplify the whole process and adopt a tailored-made strategy to meet your demands.
  • We define and implement best practices for improving site speed and performance, among other things.

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    Frequently-asked questions in system performance optimization services

      • This is a very difficult question. As you may have been aware,  testing itself is an endless process, since everyone has their own idea on what a perfect software is and there always seems to be the need to test out some more. 
      • In resolving this question, we would suggest agreeing on the KPIs for several aspects, such as deadlines, bug rate, certain numbers of testing sessions, etc. before implementing the tests. 
      • For more in-depth discussion on how to monitor the progress and when to deem software testing services have been completed, please do not hesitate to contact us at fram^.
      • It is suggested that you have the software testing company begin test planning and implementing early. Starting software testing and quality assurance early can effectively save time, resources as well as frustration in rewriting the software. 
      • Ideally, you should involve the testing team in planning for test approaches, the inclusion of quality assurance in software testing, the scope to be tested and the technologies stack  at the same time as you define the specifications for your software. By doing that, the team can be more proactive in writing and implementing tests, plus have more time to consider the testability of your software. 
      • We also believe that quality assurance should be done in every stage of software development. Especially prior to the official release, proper testing are needed to ensure perfect operations. Testing upon the software launch is also very important if you plan to improve and scale up your software in the future.
      • Here are how our software testing outsourcing services can benefit your business:
        • Higher efficiency of testing: we have just the right people on board with specialized skills to ensure a proper and throughout testing for your software. 
        • Savings on infrastructure investment: by outsourcing testing, you also eliminate the worry of spending money on equipping your own software testers team. 
        • Reduced costs in human resources management since outsourcing lessen the burden of recruiting and training, as well as many other benefits that businesses need to cover for their employees.
        • Better allocation of resources: instead of wasting time and efforts on side tasks, you can now put a greater focus in realizing your business’s true mission. 
      • These are just some general advantages of software testing outsourcing in software engineering. For the exact statistics on how your business performance can improve after outsourcing, please do not hesitate to contact our team at fram^.
      • We combine both manual and automated tests to ensure that testing results reflect the performance of your software as closely as possible. 
      • We also implement Agile and DevOps in our testing processes, ensuring efficiency in time and resources and further accelerating the time-to-market of your softwares.
      • For a clear timeline of how we proceed with our testing, please do not hesitate to contact us at fram^.
      • While writing automated tests and then having them run to test the softwares are fast, highly accurate and  is an especially efficient practice for doing repetitive tests, there are certain areas of the software that require the human feedback to have better insights on how improvements to the code should be made. 
      • Human input is especially important in usability tests, where only humans and no automated tests can depict how user-friendly the software is and whether the software can address its users’ pain points or not. 
      • The amount of automated and manual tests included in a testing session may differ from project to project, depending on the nature as well as the scope of the software, plus the aspects of the software you want to be tested. Either way, we still believe that it is a good idea to implement a combination of these two tests to ensure the perfect conditions of the software prior its launch.