Dedicated Team Structure, Designed For a Mutual Long-term Commitment

July 3, 2019

When a business has software development requirements that exceed their present in-house capabilities, they often look to software development outsourcing providers that offers dedicated teams. They will collaborate with the provider with the aim of taking the project from its conception through to delivery and launch.

A dedicated development team as the name suggests is when a software development team is assembled for and dedicated entirely to the client’s project. It allows for a more cost-effective approach to development, with the outsourcing provider responsible for recruitment and admin support, while the client maintains overall project control.

offshore dedicated team structure

How does a dedicated team work?

The outsourcing provider will liaise with the client to establish the size and composition of the dedicated development team needed at the outset, so the cost is fixed. This arrangement will usually be paid for on a monthly basis, allowing the cost to be controlled easily. Estimates for sprints are provided in advance and time sheets logged after, to provide full transparency throughout development.

The most important aspect of the team is, of course, the developers it contains. While the vendor will source and vet the potential team members based on the requirements they have been given, it is the client themselves who have the final say. They can personally interview and test the shortlisted candidates in order to find the perfect fit for their specific needs.

The team will be the architect of an authority on the technology, so a robust recruitment procedure is vital for the long term success of the project. The outsourcing provider needs to have a solid infrastructure in place to support the team and ensure there is open and clear communication between the team and the client.

What does a dedicated team offer?

    • Sustainability

Software development projects that entail a large volume of work are often best served by a fully-fledged team dedicated to the planning, development, launch and ongoing maintenance of the technology. It can be unrealistic due to time and monetary constraints to build an in-house team. A client that fully comprehends the complexity of the development process will be willing to invest the time required to build a dedicated development team that can deliver and sustain the quality product they have envisioned.

    • An extended workforce

Once formed, the team of dedicated developers can be treated as an extension of the client ’s own business, which over time will lead to them gaining a deep understanding of their employer’s expectations and values. This proves invaluable with the close collaboration and daily communication that an iterative approach such as Agile entails.

Due to the duration and complexity of the software development process, it is unrealistic to expect to be able to predict the exact path that will be taken and to limit the scope to precise measurements. An offshore development team can offer a business a fixed cost for development with variable scope and the right talent to deliver a product of the desired quality.

    • Access to a wider range of resources

By gathering and managing resources efficiently, through cutting overheads, the client will have more resources at their disposal and a wider talent pool to choose from. This is not only beneficial at the outset of a project but through its entire life-cycle. While not ideal, it is inevitable that a developer will need to be replaced for one reason or another, if there is an experienced team in place headed by a talented project manager, the transition period and transfer of knowledge is easier and again more cost effective with an outsourcing team in place.

    • Scalability

This can apply in either direction depending on the stage of development. The team members will be accountable for the different tasks and sprints that make up the overall project, they will have short term deadlines and milestones to hit as features are added and the project moves towards its launch or incremental launch.

However, it may be the case that after launch only a smaller team of specialists is required to maintain the product, so the team can be scaled back accordingly. This smaller team will by this time possess both the intricate knowledge of the technology and the client’s values, that would be required if the project ever needs to be scaled up again.

    • Efficiency

A competent outsourcing provider will minimize the delays between setting up a project and starting actual work. After breaking down the project into its component parts, a business analyst will advise what should be prioritized and what resources are needed to deliver each part of the development plan. The collaborative relationship between the dedicated team of developers, the client and the management infrastructure allows the cost and project scope to be kept under close control and a streamlined development process to be coordinated.

How we do it at fram^

fram^ dedicated team of developers

(fram^’s web development team is meeting with client online)

The advantages of engaging an offshore dedicated team are clear to see and that is why it is such a popular model today, of course, it is not without its challenges. The key to navigating these risks is to look for a reputable software outsourcing company that has the infrastructure, track record and specialist knowledge to deliver on the recruitment and management of the talent required for each project.

At fram^, our dedicated teams of developers are supported by fulfillment managers, who ensure process and output quality meet global standards, technical architects who choose and prioritize tech solutions and talent managers who ensure our client’s team of developers are kept comfortable and fulfilled professionally. For a free consultation on what a dedicated team can do for your software development, contact fram^ today.  

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