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How Our Recruitment is Now Fully Online Supported at Fram^

By Phuong Anh Nguyen   |   July 28, 2021

Many of the company’s operations have changed dramatically since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Temporarily, there are no longer direct conversations or exchanges between members right in the office, also put aside the afternoons when we can watch the city through glass windows or have lunch with colleagues. However, at Fram^, we also adapted very quickly and regained our original productivity despite the outbreak.

Every activity is currently through the online world and recruitment is not an exception. There does not seem to be much change and difficulty in our hiring process, but the opposite is true. Now it is completely 100% online-supported. So how has this global health crisis affected our recruitment, and how our talent acquisition specialists do their job? Let’s see the way we converted the entire online process to cope with the epidemic. 

Recruitment during the Covid-19 pandemic

To put it simply, the change in our hiring process is like the tip of the iceberg. On the surface, there are two obvious differences: First, instead of working at the office to exchange and meet face-to-face with colleagues, our current workplaces are the living room, bedroom, etc.. Next, instead of us having the opportunity to directly talk with the candidates, now conversations have to go through an online world.

So what about the bottom of the iceberg? That’s a lot of change in ways that we didn’t anticipate. Change can be uncomfortable at first, but our talent acquisition specialists are still up to the task.

Online application and interviewing 

The prolongation of the pandemic has forced us to adjust our recruitment strategy differently to increase efficiency in selecting candidates, as well as to protect recruiters and candidates.  Fortunately, technology is available to help us produce quality hires.

The connection and finding candidates are still considered the same. Our recruitment announcements are continually published and updated on our website as well as on various online sites such as LinkedIn, Vietnamworks, etc. All job descriptions in such channels are clear and fully provided, along with the company’s special welfare policies since we believe that job seekers will surely appreciate if the company assures clear messages.

Interviews have also been changed to a fully well-structured online interviewing. Instead of scheduling office appointments as usual, meetings with candidates are now via video conferencing. Throughout the process, we always ensure to provide ongoing guidance, clear information to candidates and let them flexibly select the interview time. We are of the opinion that these virtual interviews are still highly interactive when our recruitment professionals can simply assess expressions or gestures of candidates who can also confidently require any further information or share their personal experiences. 

Online onboarding

For many people, the first day at the company is always the most exciting and awaited day. Therefore, we always carefully prepared everything to bring the best impression at first for our employees. But in the midst of the Covid-19, how can this be feasible? How does Fram^ welcome a new employee on the first day of work without being at the office? 

We greet our new members with an online meeting and thoroughly introduce them from the most basic information of the company, policies to a detailed introduction about the requirements of the job, etc. We are responsible for managing the experience of the employee from start to finish and ensure that the information provided to them is well-structured and clearest.

Especially, their presence will also be announced to all framers in the company via group messages and emails. Warm greetings and well wishes will also be sent to them by the members. Family atmosphere and solidarity is what Fram^ wants to bring to newcomers at the very first working day.

Working remotely

Shortly after the outbreak, all members of Fram^ worked remotely online to ensure health.  But with the high sense of responsibility, this change does not reduce working energy as well as productivity of our members. And another reason is that we are used to this by now, even without a pandemic, we can work remotely up to 9 days/month.

In order to create better connection and communication between members when working remotely, online meetings are indispensable. However, these video calls are not only for reporting or discussing the work situation, but also a way for us to chat and have fun with each other by having virtual beer parties, team building activities, internal training, etc.

Above is how our recruitment process is fully online-supported, that one has no worries applying for a job at Fram^. The face-to-face human interaction can be more preferable, we still can’t help but feel excited meeting each other just through the monitoring screen. Let’s check out our latest opening jobs and get hired online fast and easily with Fram^!

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