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My Wonderful Journey of Joys and Memories with Fram^ | Thao Tran

September 11, 2021

According to a global software developer survey in 2021, male developers make up an overwhelming 91.67%, while female developers accounted for only 5.31% of the total respondents. In fact, many people think that the information technology industry is dominated by men. 

You might think the same, but with fram^, we believe that the rarity of women in software development jobs makes their values ​​as well as talents more important and more desirable than ever. Genuine female developers are definitely like precious gems that we are really lucky to have. So let us show you one of our gems – Thao Tran with her spectacular two-year journey at fram^, all her perspectives and feelings too. Such a proud to be one of the meaningful destinations on her career journey! 

Membrainthe enthusiasm and dedication with pride

Membrain is a complete Sales Enablement CRM dedicated for coaching, tracking and leveraging performance of the sales team. Fram^ has accompanied this project for a very memorable time, contributing to a platform with functional interface and user-friendly using .NET & Native JavaScript.

The success of this project could not be without the great contribution and tremendous efforts of Thao. She may have a small appearance but you will certainly be surprised by her steel spirit, great thinking and huge passion for coding.


“ I don’t even care how hard it is or how tired I am, I still put all my efforts and dedicate myself for the completion of the project, as I know the praises will come to me afterwards. The feeling of being complimented is so precious” – Thao said.

With Thao, dedication to work will definitely bring remarkable results and recognition. Hence she was very hardworking and creative to get tasks done quickly and perfectly. During the implementation, whenever listening to Thao’s breakthrough ideas, our clients could not help but admire the talent of this girl.

However, the difficulties and challenges in delivering the final product were certainly unavoidable, from time to time there were some unexpected errors taking many efforts and days to fix. Nevertheless, clients’ encouragement as well as the cooperation of the team created the big motivation for Thao to strive for the best.

After weeks of development, along with effective teamwork, new features of Membrain were released, Thao could not hide her extreme happiness and immense pride. The whole team and other colleagues at Fram^ were also on the same page to share with her achievements.

“When clients enthusiastically embrace it, I can feel that I’m being recognized for all my efforts. Feeling overjoyed too. “

Also one of Thao’s most memorable moments was the trip to Sweden to meet clients. The entire cost of the trip was completely sponsored by Fram^ and Membrain. In this beautiful Nordic country, she had extremely happy first-time experiences, such as catching snow, skiing, and travelling to old towns in Stockholm, etc. 


The opportunity to have a great business trip abroad like this is always open and we would like to meet for the next trip? Join our team of talented engineers!

Improvements and maturities in many aspects

Those wonderful experiences not only give our beautiful developer unforgettable memories but also an opportunity to learn and improve more things about herself.

Better English skills

This is certainly obvious, as she has to work and communicate with clients entirely in English. Besides actively accumulating her own skills, Thao also has more opportunities to improve her English thanks to regular communication with clients and colleagues. 

Thereby, she draws on her own experience in both verbal and written communication as well as listening skills to be able to convey her ideas most easily. 

Better frontend skills and analytical skills

Thao shared that the most proud thing about the Membrain, which her team dedicated a lot of effort to build, was the great UI and good performance. However, “ what is hidden behind is extremely complex code. It wasn’t as simple as finding an existing library, but I had to come up with the code myself.” As a result, she gained more new development experiences, more creativity, and sharper thinking.

Besides, to be able to offer feasible solutions and clear ideas to convince clients, it is essential to have good analytical skills with pursuable explanations. This is also one of the skills that Thao has improved a lot.


Fram^ – precious home with precious team members

The two-year journey is neither long nor short, but certainly flooded with beautiful and happy memories that Thao said she could never forget. So what’s at fram^ that created a valuable experience for Thao?

Young, enthusiastic and lovely colleagues

Fram^ is proud that our family is a united group with members who are not only talented but also full of energy and enthusiasm. Working with such people will definitely give you the most positive energy. 

I feel like I’ve been rejuvenated when surrounded by an extremely funny and lovely team” – Thao said.



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Music club with bunch of talented singers

It’s hilarious that this is just one of the spontaneous clubs at fram^, next to the food club, board game club, sports club, etc. But just so you know these reluctant clubs that are indispensable spiritual food for all fram-ers. At fram^, not only do we know how to make great products, but most importantly we know how to really have fun! 



Breathtakingly beautiful office view

The office design at fram^ is Scandinavian style with open space, many glass doors, creating a comfortable and pleasant feeling for members when working.

“The office has a super nice view that makes me immersed in it. Even on weekends, to be able to enjoy the peace amidst the beauty I often go to the company just to relax and enjoy the view” –  Thao shared.



Above are Thao’s wonderful personal experiences at fram^ , if you want to read more about Thao’s sharing, please visit her beautiful blog! And if you want to create an unforgettable journey with fram^ by yourself, don’t hesitate to join our big family. We eagerly await you to write amazing career journey here!

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