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What Someone Can Expect While Working at Fram^

By Phuong Anh Nguyen   |   August 24, 2021

As stated in the report of the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) on the topic What Employees Expect in 2021, conducted in January with more than 14,000 employees in over 9 countries participating, the final results of this survey are really impressive numbers, showing the expectations, motivations and aspirations of employees for their businesses.

what-someone-can-expect-while working-at-fram

Accordingly, when asked what employers should offer to engage employees, work-life balance (51%) and career advancement opportunities (43%) are top priority answers. Followed by 41% of the workers hope they will receive better compensation and benefits, furthermore they care about ethics and values of the employer. Finally, more than a third of employees consider opportunities for continuous learning (36%) and organizational stability (34%) as key engagement factors.

We believe that the results given are completely in line with your expectations when looking for a job, or else prove us wrong! So if you work at fram^ can you expect to meet these expectations? Absolutely 100% yes! Let’s see what you will experience when being a member of the fram^ family.

1. Our very special Swedish working culture:

As mentioned, employees today attach great importance to work-life balance. Therefore, fram^ will definitely not disappoint you when the company’s culture of keeping a healthy work-life balance is quite a Swedish thing.

Swedish people are famous for the word Lagom, which means “not too much, not too little, just right”. This philosophy is applied right into the business to ensure employee satisfaction, help them release the usual work pressures and encourage them to spend more time with the people they love. At Fram^, same thing!

what-someone-can-expect-while working-at-fram

Furthermore, we value performance and work output more than forcing members to follow a framework of time as we encourage our employees to work smart, maximize productivity and spend time on other interests. In other words, you will not be judged at all if you start working late or leave work earlier than any of the members. Flexibility in working hours is one of the important factors that help employees ensure work-life balance. 

And more special than anywhere else, fram^ offers more days off for employees on Birthdays, Christmas, Swedish National Day,… as we cherish the moments you can relax or start a long trip with family, friends, etc.. If you are interested in our Swedish culture, read this article to see if you are attracted to it: How Swedishness Fascinately Affects Our Working Culture at Fram^.

2. Career advancement opportunities at fram^

Advancement in career path

When it comes to the world of work, employees always longed to receive recognition and advancement opportunities. Therefore, fram^ has outlined a clear promotion path as an affirmation to potential employees and wishes them to achieve even higher positions in the company. 

Not only does this help employees visualize their career growth potential, but also set out clear milestones to motivate each person on the path to the highest achievable job title. Hence we always ensure that all employees will constantly receive the best support and career orientation.

Training and skills development

In addition, we develop training programs and quarterly technical sharing to help accelerate our employees’ career growth, helping them build new skills and enrich their knowledge needed to advance in their careers. Fram^ always attaches great importance to investing in the development of employees as it not only motivates employees but also brings long-term benefits to the company.

3. Dynamic and supportive working environment:

Strong internal communication

The first to mention is the open and honest in internal communication. We believe that employees thrive in an environment where timely feedback is communicated to them. Therefore, in order to have effective and objective feedback among members, we always have discussions, interactions and provide useful information from time to time, to improve work performance and avoid focusing only on mistakes. 

what-someone-can-expect-while working-at-fram

Communication must certainly be based on respect, equality and constructiveness. So when you actually work at fram^ you will see how we communicate with each other. Our superiors are not only highly professional but also enthusiastic in guiding and helping employees. At the same time, our members do not hesitate to contribute ideas and express their point of views when related to work. It is this two-way harmonious interaction that has created a civilized, equal, collaborative and cohesive environment at fram^.

Excellent teamwork

Equally important is the teamwork among fram^ members. Team spirit is a fundamental value and a determining factor in the success of any project. All members always show enthusiasm and their unity, together toward a common goal, and strive to make the best achievement. This is the key helping them develop comprehensively in all aspects, promote creativity in work and constantly make efforts. “Feeling of belonging is the key piece of the puzzle that makes you most productive” – says Molly O’Rourke , Research/ Design Lead at IBM. 

what-someone-can-expect-while working-at-fram

Scandinavian office

The atmosphere of an office stems from the people who work in it, but architectural details also play a role. For office workers, usually, they will spend 8-10 hours/day at the company. Therefore, office facilities will greatly affect the quality of work and their performance. 

what-someone-can-expect-while working-at-fram

Fram^ workspace is designed in Scandinavian style with a balanced combination of 3 elements: the beauty – the minimalism – the applicability, which is full of bright and airy. It is also expressed through the harmony of neutral colors and comfortable furniture. Besides, the office space with many glass doors brings extremely beautiful sweeping views of the city. All these blends will give members a feeling of comfort, peace, relaxation and elicit ideas while working.

what-someone-can-expect-while working-at-fram

4. Better chance, better welfare with fram^

According to a report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), nearly 92% of employees say that benefits are important to their job satisfaction. Also, GlassDoor’s survey results indicate that 57% of candidates agreed that benefits and perks are among their top considerations before taking a job.

It is the importance of compelling benefits packages for employees, that at Fram^ we are constantly improving and building the best benefit policies. Above all, we understand that employees who enjoy quality benefits packages will be more encouraged, more productive, and be willing to engage with the company for a long time. Here are just some of the great benefits while working at Fram^!

Healthcare insurance & health check

At fram^, we keep the motto that Framers are our No.1 asset, we care for your health and wellness, and your family too. Therefore, our members are always provided with a full Healthcare insurance package such as term-life insurance; healthcare insurance including inpatient, outpatient & dental treatment, etc.. Not only that, to ensure the health of employees during the working process, the health check will be conducted every year.

Recognition Program

In the famous book “The Human Capital Edge” (authors Bruce Pfau and Ira Kay), it is mentioned that every employee wants their personal achievements to be recognized and to receive a value commensurate with their achievements. Inevitably at fram^ we always highly encourage this. All the efforts and dedication of the members are always recognized in the most equitable way, and importantly we also praise the achievements gained as a team. 

what-someone-can-expect-while working-at-fram

Awards to encourage individuals and teams to perform well throughout the year such as Monthly Team Awesome award; Annual Individual Excellence award; Year of service Award, etc. Fram^ appreciate all your contributions all the time!

Remote working

The best job perk is self-determination. Therefore, we believe that employees can be productive and focused when not in the office – in many cases, even more so. And remote work certainly has a host of advantages for them like better work-life balance, less commute stress, location independence, etc. Here at fram^, our precious members can work remotely up to 9 days/month.

Teambuilding activities

Work hard, play hard has been a famous quote among framers. We have dozens of ways to relieve stress, relax and have fun together. One of exciting annual activities like annual company trip, Tet celebration, charity event, quarterly gathering, sport Clubs, tech talk, ect are indispensable spiritual foods. Most especially, the small party that is considered a tradition at fram^ is Beer Time every Friday afternoon, we raise glasses of beer together for the achievements and efforts of the past week, as well as recharge energy to continue for the success for the next week. Such a simple activity but represents the collective spirit and our cohesion.

what-someone-can-expect-while working-at-fram

All words above are definitely not inadequate to describe what you will really experience when accompanied with fram^, but we firmly believe that all your expectations will be met here and your career will prosper with us. Let’s check out our latest opening jobs and be part of the family, we are more than happy to welcome you! 

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