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Take Advantages of Hiring an Offshore Dedicated Developer Team

By Phuong Anh Nguyen   |   October 16, 2021

The technology and software market has always witnessed many rapid-changing revolutions, and IT companies are like always on the racing track, wanting to accelerate to lead or surpass their competitors. And outsourcing an offshore dedicated developer team has always been a viable approach that many companies around the globe adopt as a popular cost-effective solution in that race.

Besides, today the border issue is no longer a barrier for these companies to get entry to worldwide talent, helping to overcome the shortage of local talent, so hiring a dedicated developers has proven effective for both established companies and growing startups. Let’s find out more about this common model!

What is a dedicated developer team?

The model of a dedicated developer team is not new within side the IT industry, even it has been a trend following the development needs of many global technology companies. Thousands of definitions about this term have been given over the Internet, but here’s how we simplify it!

Other than building an in-house team, a dedicated developer team will encompass top notch specialists assembled and provided by a development partner, commonly offshore. In other words, as a client who hires a dedicated software development team, you just simply offer requirements to a partner, they will provide you with a complete team tailored to your project, plus, a management model and working protocols are already established. You will not have to worry much about recruitment, administration, welfare, etc. with a dedicated developer team.

The team of dedicated developers will technically be like your own employees, you will have full control over the workflow and determine who may be on the crew. These professionals will be primarily hand-picked based on your requirements for their experience and skills.

Hiring dedicated developers has in fact proven to be a viable solution for plenty of IT startups and enterprises in lots of instances such as limited budget resources, lack of local talent, short project completion time, the shortage of development skills of in-house teams, etc.


Models of hiring offshore dedicated developer team

Actually, models of hiring dedicated software development teams will be dissimilar between partner companies or even can be customized based on your necessity. Nevertheless, there is the most common and extensively used models as following:

Full-time basis

Usually, this may be the selection of the bulk of customers, as taking gain of hiring a committed full-time development crew will assist velocity up project’s completion and provide greater management over the process. Developers will work eight hours per day and focus totally on assignments with no distractions. This model is recommended for distinctly complex, or time-constrained projects that require continuous work to keep development on schedule, accelerating productivity.

Part-time basis

The provision of technical set of skills that are lacking within the internal team is stated to be one of the top motivations for persuading tech businesses to hire a dedicated developer team. Therefore, whether it is a full-time or part-time model, once technical or expert support is highly desired for a project, a dedicated team is usually the most appropriate choice.

Thereby imparting fast, economical and extraordinarily effective support. With the part-time model, dedicated developers will work 4 hours per day, hence to make good use of this model, companies need to construct a well-structured working process and clearly assign tasks to each team member within a frame of time.

Hourly basis

Businesses might also additionally require a time-flexible dedicated developer team model, which can increase the working time frame to more than 40 hours a week or less relying on the requirements and necessities of the undertaking.

If with a project that is in a critical stage of development or the rush to launch a final product is extra than ever, with a custom hourly development team model can help you increase working time as well as productivity while not having to pay overtime for each member, since all costs have been paid as agreed in the contract.

The most compelling advantages of hiring an offshore dedicated developer team

First and foremost, businesses must pay attention to the benefits of this engagement model before deciding to go for it. Let’s discover the most compelling advantages of hiring an offshore dedicated developer team.

Cost effectiveness

As stated in the report of Deloitte: The Global Outsourcing Survey 2020, cost reduction is the top reason companies go for outsource (70%). Hiring a dedicated software development team is also a cost-effective alternative to assemble and build an in-house team.

In fact, it is extremely difficult to build an in-house development team consisting of independent expert and top talent, which entails many challenges and budget constraints that businesses face. The most typical expenses are in recruitment, administration, employee benefits packages, office and facilities costs, etc. Especially for startups, the expenses are always carefully considered, overspending early to recruit talents can lead to many turns, but a larger percentage will lead to failure due to tight budgets in the first place. 

In contrast, hiring a dedicated software development team helps businesses access and leverage the best talent at the lowest possible price, and get the talent they want quickly with the necessary technical skills without much effort. All administrative costs related to personnel are paid and taken care of by the offshore partner. Thereby, technology companies can save a large amount of money, or use this money to better invest in creating MVPs.

Time saving

To reach a tech talent, the difficulty lies not only in the budget but also in the time. Getting all the developers you need for your team will depend entirely on the efficiency of the recruitment process as well as the availability of local talent. Or you can start the project immediately with a team already built and ready to go, an offshore dedicated developer team. Your recruiting time effort will be cut down completely as you can now shoot multiple arrows at once!

Plus, the speed of project implementation is even more important. The dedicated software development team is a collection of the most outstanding experts and talents, all development skills, transitions to working styles are accurate and highly effective, avoiding errors, thereby saving time. Your project will be delivered on time or even sooner.

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Connect with incredibly experienced team

Hiring a dedicated developer team also has an extremely attractive advantage that is straightforwardly getting entry to a group of experienced developers with diversity in tech stacks skills and sought-after expertise. You will directly manage and work with these professionals throughout the project. Besides, the dedicated development team is always responsive to technological changes and particularly aware of the latest standards, which is a skill that is especially crucial in a technology environment always changing and innovating.

A team of dedicated developers ensures a professional working style that easily blends into your company’s work culture. They can even be the ones who come up with creative suggestions to help improve your product, not just people who are just waiting to be assigned a task.

Enhanced productivity 

Even if your product is only in the concept stage, a dedicated remote team of professionals will quickly turn the idea into reality, execute it step-by-step, and deliver great results. Besides, the dedicated development team will always ensure stability, there will not be any sudden member changes during the process, helping to maintain regular productivity.

Also to mention, for a dedicated developer team, especially offshore, you may additionally take advantage of extending your operational hour all day. Working throughout time zones speeds up projects, more jobs and tasks get done. While your in-house team is taking a break, on the other side of the hemisphere your dedicated team is on task, boosting productivity.


And even the name guarantees the certainty of this team model, because the dedicated team will only devote all their time and effort to completing the assigned project without interfacing with any other projects. It is this total focus that will help boost productivity and ensure accuracy in the development stages.


With each stage of product development, you will likely need to change the size of your team or upgrade and expand technology products, at this point many related technical skills can arise and an additional developer is a must. However, in case with limited budget, you cannot immediately change the personnel involved in the project, then a dedicated developer team should be your choice from the beginning, as you can flexibly shuffle the developers, just make a request to the partner, and more importantly the talent will be available immediately to join your project.


Hiring an offshore dedicated software development team is not by chance a common approach adopted by many technology companies, since its effectiveness is practically undeniable. However, to have a team of talented and experienced dedicated developers, what you need is to work with a reputable, quality partner and their developers are top of the line in the region. And fram^ can definitely guarantee these. After all, actions speak louder than words! Let our actions and performance persuade you! 

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