Shopify Web Developers and Services: Why you Need, Costs and How to Get the Best one

By Ha Bui   |   June 23, 2021

Shopify has established itself as one of the most well-known platforms in the e-commerce world. This platform is utilized by a wide range of online retail enterprises. Thanks for its user-friendly and drag-drop interface, it is highly recommended for first-time businesses. However, it appears that store owners are still debating whether or not to engage Shopify web developers to build up their site.

Let’s take a deeper look at why you should hire Shopify web developers for your business. We’ll go through what a developer can do for you, how much you may expect to spend for their services and how to choose the most suitable one for your business.

Why should you hire Shopify web developers? 

Shopify is a custom hosting service that allows you to build your own website to display, sell, and distribute digital or real items. For a monthly fee, you can quickly create a fully-working online store with a shopping cart solution and an admin panel that is simple to understand and use for managing your products.

So, why should you require a Shopify web developer when this platform has already made it very straightforward to start with no expertise establishing a web-store with gorgeous and responsive pre-designed templates?

Top benefits you can receive with a Shopify professional

There are several requirements for creating a successful online business. While Shopify offers designs that are very simple to use right out of the box, there are a number of extra steps that must be completed to establish an effective website. For a non-Shopify professional, setting up payment methods and other back-end development chores may not be as simple as stated.

A Shopify web developer can help you with a variety of specialized and important jobs as below: 

  • Give your store a unique appearance and user interface 

Being an e-commerce business means you must grasp the importance of website design and usability. The objective of your website is to attract clients and make sure that once they’re inside, they can simply navigate it to get what they want. Even little changes to your user interface have a significant influence on each buyer’s purchasing experience. A few additional clicks, for example, can bring them to the payment button faster.

  • Help your store work better with integrations  

Integrating multiple components of your entire online presence, sales and marketing funnels, and other tools with your Shopify store is important when you scale up. This might include integrating your Shopify store with social commerce networks like Facebook store or Google store, improving compatibility with CRM solutions like Klavio, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, or whatever you use to nurture your leads and customers.

  • Change codes to customize your store’s specific needs 

Another reason you might need to hire a Shopify web developer is when you want to make modifications to your website’s code. For a more appealing appearance, you might want to make changes and alterations to your website’s footer, navigational menu, product pages, blog pages, etc. Also, there are functions and features that need to be changed to provide your consumers a better purchasing experience.

  • Ensure that your store is up-to-date and properly-working

Updating and maintaining are always a vital part of e-commerce website development. There are always new features to be updated and bugs to be fixed. It’s super-important that if you encounter a problem, you have someone to fix it as soon as possible, and so are new features that your opponents have but you don’t have. For every issue your site has, you are at the risk of losing your money or customer directly. 

  • Accelebrate and optimize your site’s performance 

Have you ever tried to access your favorite online store on Black Friday but the page wouldn’t come up? The website may receive so much traffic that the load speed is poor, images aren’t shown on the site, and consumers are unable to complete the checkout process. This is one of the most popular and serious problems that online stores face – the bigger, the more serious. 

A Shopify web developer guarantees that your online store’s performance and functionality are at their best. Quality checks, such as testing and monitoring, are among their responsibilities in order to deliver an exceptional experience for your purchasers and potential consumers.

What are the prices for Shopify developers and services? 

At a fraction of the cost, you can still hire an experienced Shopify web developer to implement complex features and functions. Is that even possible? Outsourcing is, of course, the answer. For European online businesses, specifically, outsourcing Shopify development to Vietnam is becoming increasingly popular since it provides high-quality services at a much lower rate. 

Let’s take a look at the summary below to get an estimated figure for the overall cost of setting up your Shopify business.



Cost (in USD) 



Basic Shopify development

  • Basic Shopify functionality
  • Simple design or theme
  • Access to Shopify community site
  • A smooth CMS

$20000 – $40000

$6000 – $12000

Custom Shopify development

  • Custom Shopify design
  • Integration with back-office systems
  • Custom attributes required to be created for products
  • Customer groups
  • Migrations to host
  • Extensions, etc.

$40000 –


$12000 – $30000

Shopify enterprise development

  • Built-in modules
  • Mobile friendly
  • Multiple stores
  • Full-page caching
  • Free professional customer support
  • A large amount of SKUs
  • Hosted by Magento
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer segmentation
  • Targeted promotions & merchandising
  • Custom coupons
  • Integration with shipping providers
  • Social media integration
  • Training and much more



Shopify developer hour rates 

Cost per developer per hour 

$65 – $150 

$20 – $45

Maintenance hour rates 

Cost per developer 

$80 – $125 

$20 – $45 

How can you find the best Shopify web developers and services that you need?

Now that you’ve specified your requirements and set a budget, it’s time to do some research and find a Shopify web development company that has completed projects of similar size, scale, and nature to yours. Here is our checklist for you to refer: 

1. Expertise and experience

When it comes to Shopify, experience counts for a lot! As a result, knowing how long a web development company has been creating and managing Shopify-based e-commerce sites is important. When you’re reviewing them, find out how many initiatives they’ve begun or finished. What is the number of Shopify web developers they have?

A company that has been building Shopify websites for a long time has a lot of expertise and understanding. Furthermore, actual clients have attested to their skill. As a consequence, the Shopify web development company has maintained its present position. Furthermore, the agency’s extensive experience allows it to work on projects in a range of industries. Therefore, they have practiced and proven servitude.

  • Check Portfolio, Existing Projects, and Clients
  • Take References, Read Reviews and Testimonials
  • Request Profiles of the Developers

    2. Data integrity and Security

It’s more difficult to safeguard your shared data while outsourcing than it is to do so while building Shopify in-house. However, you don’t have to worry much. There are a few things you can do to keep it safe or prevent it from getting misplaced:

  • Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Only a responsible person can access the data.
  • Technology/ Intellectual Code Transfer

3. Quality and deployment

If you want to build a successful Magento eCommerce business, quality testing and deployment should be your top priorities. Examine what the top Shopify web development company has to say about their high-quality services that provide process stability, consistency, and efficacy.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) 
  • Deployment and post-deployment
  • Post-development support 

4. Communication and working process 

Communication is also important when choosing a trustworthy Shopify eCommerce development partner. This is because, as a store owner, you should be kept up to date on the status of your Shopify website. The business you pick should use an effective communication channel to communicate with you. If you’re working on a specific working approach and your partner isn’t familiar with it, it’s also hard to work effectively. 

5. Diverse services and flexible options 

Throughout the course of your business, your requirements may vary. To guarantee that your eCommerce store works smoothly and without errors, it will need to be reviewed, updated, and maintained on a regular basis. As a consequence, choosing a business that offers a wide variety of services and can satisfy the majority of your demands is preferred.

Fram^ is ready to equip your online store with a robust Shopify platform, surrounded by a pool of well-experienced and competent Shopify web developers. Our Shopify web developers have many years of expertise in the business and can provide a wide range of Shopify development services such as: 

  • Shopify website design and development
  • Shopify theme/ extension building
  • Shopify theme customization
  • Shopify website migration
  • Certified Shopify developers for hire
  • Shopify web SEO optimization 
  • Shopify web upgrading and maintenance
  • And much more… 

So, why don’t you start with our eCommerce development services now that you know those suggestions for picking Shopify web developers and services?

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