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How They Have Done: Solving the IT recruitment challenge with technology – sharing from fram^

August 10, 2021

Founded in 2013 and NASDAQ listed since 2017, Fram^ is a Swedish-Vietnamese company that offers first-rate offshore Software Development Services and builds Vietnam-leading Digital Consumer Brands. The company has recently partnered with ELSA and applied ELSA Testing System – an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to help evaluate the comprehensive English capacity of potential candidates and current employees through TOEIC equivalent test scores. 

Ms. Thea Phan – Head of Growth and Strategy of fram^ shared with us some of the highlights from their experience with ELSA Testing System:

Can you tell us what made you choose ELSA?

We mainly offer software development services to Nordic and Western European clients so English is our primary language. We have recently built up a large recruitment pipeline across a number of business functions and tech stacks, and needed a fast, effective and economical solution to assess the English levels of potential candidates. ELSA stood out as the most suitable provider that can be a partner in our quest for growth, based on our research and referrals from other companies we have affiliation with. 

How have you been applying ELSA to your organization?

We use the ELSA Testing System as a part of our recruitment process. After CV submission, candidates are invited to complete an ELSA test as part of our Online Aptitude Assessment. Since we only recruit the top talents in Vietnam, besides strong competencies in relevant tech stack or business function, English ability on Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing is also essential to us and will be carefully evaluated.

For current employees who would like to improve their English skills, the ELSA tests also provide a simple baseline so they can check their current skills level and identify where to improve. Fram^ then offers our employees additional training programs through our in-house academy.  

How is your experience so far?

Overall, ELSA has helped us to streamline our recruitment process, identify excellent candidates, and maintain our service standards for foreign clients.

Thank you for your sharing!

With the hope of assisting companies in such needs, ELSA recently introduced this comprehensive testing system to help businesses and organizations recruit the right talents and assess their current workforce’s skills and competencies. The testing system offers an all-in-one experience with a one-stop shop, which provides a simple process for both test takers and administrators. The tests cover a variety of English skills such as Listening, Reading, Pronunciation and Speaking, Grammar and Vocabulary compiled by ELSA’s language experts, and the TOEIC equivalent test focusing on Reading & Listening, provided by OOOLAB – a provider of TOEIC equivalency tests that are academically certified in Vietnam. The content is built based on business-related content and designed to give organizations insights into each member’s English capability..

If you want to check this out and see how you can leverage it for your business, contact us at [email protected]

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