E-commerce Day 2018 is Finally Here – Get Prepared For The Big Day!

Ecommerce developmentSoftware development 12 December, 2018 Sean Boyle & Ha Bui

High expectations on E-Commerce Day 2018.

Hot on the heels of the flash sales of 9.9, Singles Day 11.11 and Black Friday, e-commerce retailers are expecting more record-breaking sales figures on E-commerce Day 2018 on December 12th, with discounts of up to 70% being offered by thousands of online sellers.

Alibaba, for example, reported a gross merchandise volume of $30 billion inside 24 hours during the most recent Singles Day sales. All eyes are now on Double 12, E-commerce Day 2018, to see if Alibaba can repeat the trick to wrap up another 4th quarter rout.

E-Commerce Day 2018 in Southeast Asia

E-commerce marketplaces such as Lazada and Shoppee will be leading participators in the sales in Vietnam and several other Southeast Asian countries. With over 1.68 million unique visitors, Lazada is the most visited site in the region, but many small to medium online players are also offering discounts hoping to gain a piece of the action. It is reported that e-commerce websites encounter 5-6 times more web traffic on Double 12 than a normal day, so it is crucial that these businesses plan well ahead with their multiple partners, in order to deal with the surge in demand.

Vietnam in its digital age

With a population of 92 million people and 35.4 million E-commerce users, reportedly set to grow to 42 million by 2021, online business in Vietnam is booming. Internet use is high, with 96% of 16-24-year-olds, 91% of 25-34-year-olds and 80% of 35-44-year-olds online and an ever-increasing number of smartphone users. It all adds up to a fast-growing market, that is projected to hit revenues of $10 billion by 2020, E-Commerce Day 2018 in Vietnam, should be a good litmus test of that prediction.

Given the increased smartphone penetration and a higher level of competition from online players, there is a greater pressure for online businesses to ensure their e-commerce stores are up to scratch. To be successful they need platforms that are well thought out, mobile friendly and most importantly allow for a high conversion rate.

fram^ and E-commerce Day 2018

We specialize in web and mobile development, website optimization and e-commerce engineering, creating platforms for market leaders such as Samsung and Lotte.vn among others, it is fair to say that e-commerce is in our blood. Indeed our Co-founder and Chairman, Christopher Beselin was the founder of Lazada.vn helping the platform grow from startup to the largest e-commerce marketplace in Vietnam.

This contribution led to his appointment as an advisor to the UN on e-commerce in emerging markets, as well as presenting at the Meet Magento Conference several times. We understand what it takes to develop an e-commerce store that can thrive during mega sales days like E-commerce Day 2018 and have a track record that backs up this assertion.

Case study 1 – Consortio Fashion Group, Sweden



bubbleroom fram^


Wanted a cost-effective and professional developer with could help with the full life cycle of e-commerce platform development.


The team consisted of one back-end developer and three front-end developers, using .NET MVC, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Knockout JS, Typescript, SCSS.


Favorites, ratings and a zoom function, plus a dynamic content management system with multiple sharing channels through Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Client feedback

“This team played a key role in the launch of our new Cellbes e-commerce platform – a launch that has been greatly appreciated by both customers and internally in our group. Overall fram^ has been robust and a very professional partner for us, even when dealing with more difficult situations.”

Case study 2 –  Hoang Phuc international, Vietnam


hoang phuc international fram^


Market leaders in Vietnam for over 27 years, Hoang Phuc needed to develop their digital presence with a full e-commerce solution.


The team was made up of one project manager who doubled as the tech lead on the project, they were supported by one front-end developer and two full-stack Magento developers. The technology used was the Magento framework, with LEMP stack, Load balancer, replication database, Cloudflare CDN and Vanish cache.


An innovative e-commerce platform, which assists in CMS, price benchmarking and digital marketing solutions. It also allows for flexible promotion rules and supports microsite management from each brand. This is aided by SEO migration and support for 10000 current users.

Client feedback

“fram^ possesses a team that specializes in full e-commerce service solutions. Their e-commerce talents will help you build custom solutions developed on the Magento platform which is suitable for various e-commerce business models. Whether you are a big corporation that requires highly skilled developers or a startup with minimal resources, fram^ will find the best solution that fits your needs.”

Case study 3 – LOTTE.vn, Korea


lotte vietnam fram^


To create an easy and efficient experience for the merchandiser, marketing, seller and call center of LOTTE.vn to optimize all areas of sales by securing the stability and scalability of the marketing and sales system.


The team consisted of one project manager, BA, Tech Lead, Tech Architect, two QC, and five back-end developers. The technology used included MySQL, Magento, Angular JS, AWS, Elastic Search, PHP and Front Office.


Front-end website converted to angular JS to speed up UI loading. APIs created and optimized to interact with front-end and back-end systems from a third-party, also solved the ongoing issue of memory leak on the system. This led to page loading times five to six times faster than before and transactions per second five times faster than previously.

Have you got prepared for the big day?

E-commerce Day 2018 is expected to be another huge day of sales, further boosting the impressive online revenue for the year across Asia. Our existing partners are well prepared for the swell in demand, confident that they can provide a frictionless shopping experience for their customers, this gives them the freedom to concentrate on other logistical issues with pricing and supply.

As the e-commerce sector continues to grow, with more and more people shopping online, retailers who have no online presence or outdated unresponsive systems face the risk of getting left behind. Get in touch with fram^ today to see how working together with your business, we can build a world class e-commerce platform that will set you apart from the competition.

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