What is the Typical Size to Build a Dedicated Development Team?

July 24, 2019

Team size can be the KEY to success

Hiring additional software engineers is a great deal in tech companies as their work plays a significant role in deciding the company’s growth and performance. Only when they get along and communicate properly do people gain happiness and ultimately workplace efficiency. The team size is of the most important factors that directly impacts the team’s culture and productivity.

What is the recommended size for a development team?

While there’s actually no perspective limits or guidelines to assure a correct number of team size, practical experience may be handy and valuable. When people get our consultancy to set up a dedicated development team in Vietnam, we always suggest them to start with a number that offers most benefits, both in quality and cost-effectiveness.

Too big

Having more than 10 people in a team is generally too many. One of the most primary reasons for that would be cross-team dependencies. But the work scope for a team shouldn’t usually need that many dependencies.

With a team that’s bigger than 7 people, you already have to depend on someone in the middle-layer to representative manage the team. If you don’t really have time and experience to get everyone on the same board, the team will be NOT connected and easy to separate. For those who appreciate transparency, close follow-up with the development and fast progress for delivery, this seems really troublesome.

Too small

Less than 3 seems odd to be called “a team”. It is somewhat unbalanced and usually not enough members to effectively pair, collaborate and review each other’s work. To some extent, it can be effective to an existing team that requires on adding dedicated members or a new dedicated development team to small companies that are at an early stage of investigating the market.

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Just right!

We find 3-4 is an ideal dedicated development team size, either from scratch or to extend the current team, especially in case of under the direct management of client. This is based on our direct experience, where teams of this size simply work and feel connected best together, well managed and appreciated by the manager.

Why this team size works best for you at the beginning?  

  • Make a team of core members
  • Lay a stronger foundation on the mindset and ideas of the project
  • Get your full control in all aspects with none of middle-layer management
  • Create 100% transparency environment via direct communication
  • Gain higher stability for scale-up later

When you have a fully connected and dedicated team, you can be more confident to scale up your team for the next bigger stages. After the first period while you have adequate observation of teamwork and development progress, more team members can be engaged. In such a way, work quality, communication, teamwork, management and culture can be ensured at the highest level.

In close up,

In general, we believe that “Smaller is better than bigger” and “It’s better to build and grow gradually than immediately”. That’s you saw our fitted bear. But to some degree, you need to discover your own.

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