Everyone in the Software Development Outsourcing Industry Should Know

August 2, 2019

Organizations swear by the advantages of outsourcing. While contracting ability, getting aptitudes, and improving proficiency has been there for long, organizations would now be able to use the idea for greatest profitability and return on initial capital investment. 

In the present period of digitization, there is not really a business that abandons having a software application. From automating inner procedures to improving the client experience, a software application (in one structure or another) is a noteworthy dependence and driver of organizations, independent of the business.

In impact, there is a steady call for software application growth and top software development companies and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are finding it hard to respond to this increase in demand. Software development outsourcing turns out to be a real savior to deal with the hike in need.

Outsourcing, which includes momentarily recruiting resources, is gaining ground in the IT sector, the most outsourced IT function being software application development. An appropriate outsourcing model can be chosen to deliver a software development project on time, depending on scope, budget, and time period. Two of the most important outsourcing models to be selected for software developments are very much needed pace and pre-eminence are: 

  • Team expansion

This is one of the most prominent outsourcing models working on crunching technical skills. Herein at fram^ – software development company in Vietnam, a dedicated team of top software developers are hired who can add support to current development cycle. For example, you can hire a development team with hands on specific tool or technology that’s required for a few projects only.  

  • Project-based outsourcing:

This model of outsourcing is embraced by businesses that want a dedicated development team to perform a set of tasks or projects, with no or little interruption to their periodic activities.  

Software development outsourcing can be productive for companies that are prepared to expand their in-house team or have a dedicated development team. The choice is quite prominent among Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who seek to add an advantage to the development cycle and accelerate the completion of their projects.

IT outsourcing was adopted by companies as a cost optimization model. Reason being, it may cost more than recruiting appropriate resources from a technology partner to hire a team or add employees to it. Plus, it may take longer than anticipated to add fresh, qualified experts to the team.

You need to assess a technology partner for outsourcing, and if that works well for a project, you can depend on it for other innovations and initiatives in the future. Here’s a metrics guideline that can be evaluated to select the right technology partner for your business.

In most instances, owing to shortage or availability over the required talent, the recruiting process may be dragged out. Such constraints lead to delay in the delivery of projects, reducing the trust of the client in their potential. Software development outsourcing provides the key to skilled professionals, who then coordinate with your team to deliver required outcomes. Also, outsourcing lowers down the risk of bad hires, who usually become a part of the company for the long run and may get the project out from the track due to lack of soft skills and technicality.

Outsourcing software development: A practical take

Fram^, a Vietnam-based technology consulting and custom software development services, faced difficulties in expanding service offerings, adopting technology, speeding up product delivery and optimizing development costs. fram^ today is a publicly-traded company on the Stockholm stock exchange, with a team of 120 staff across two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Danang, Vietnam.

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