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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2020!

By Fram^ Team   |   October 1, 2020

On Friday, 25th of September, when the moon’s full is also our time to gather and enjoy a warm party to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival together. 

Everyone has been stirred up since the beginning of the week when the HR team set out to decorate our office in mini colorful lanterns and sparkling light bulbs. Not a single day passed without seeing a Framer taking a few pictures of the festive background.

Mini lanterns made in lunch time by our Framers

Cute fruit animals at the courtesy of our talented HR

A normal day was suddenly stopped when the clock came at 4pm when gifts were surprisingly given hand-by-hand to each member by the Board of Directors. We were just too in the mood for the party to keep on working so we scooted around and put stuff away to make room for next activities.

Let’s take a quick snap together and say “Cheese”!

The event kicked off with the Quarterly Meeting for Q3.2020. “From Macro to Micro”, the slogan of this year, has been guiding fram^, as a group of companies, throughout challenges of a turbulent year. Everyday we become stronger and stronger as figures show July, Aug, Sep are the best months ever!

With the impact of COVID-19 subsided and the Vietnam economy returning to its new and stable normal, fram^ and its Ventures are expected to make a resounding comeback and leap to a higher place on the Digitalization playground.

A shoot of our Board of Directors and Venture Leaders giving a speech

Cheerful faces listening attentively to the speeches


Everyone helped themselves to the mouth-watering stand-up buffet while catching up on the latest news in the office. Fram^ has just welcomed a few new Framers, and the Mid-Autumn celebration was just the perfect chance for the newbies and oldies to get closer.

A myriad of Framers

One of the nicest things about fram^ culture is flat-hierarchy. Walking around the party, it is not hard at all to catch sight of the Board of Directors happily chatting with other Framers. This is definitely one of the major factors that creates a friendly and encouraging environment for growth and development at fram^.

Mid-Autumn is for cakes and tea. Forget it. We like Beers!

It would be extremely lacking for a party without some music and games. Indeed, once the stomach is full, Framers are frantically enthusiastic to take the stage and unleash their inner spirits. The atmosphere heated up and the never-silent office room was full of laughs.

The night’s getting crazy.

Taking a breather and indulging oneself to party, delicious food and funny stories is always the perfect way to re-energize after all hard work. We’re now more than ready to focus on achieving our next goals. Catch up soon!

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