How to Outsource Web Development and Still Sleep Well at Night?

March 6, 2019

Why should you outsource web development?

The lure is what draws most businesses decide to outsource web development. The proliferation of professional Vietnam outsourcing companies has changed the image of the far-flung outsourced freelancer, providing their clients access to a wide talent pool, supported by the managerial infrastructure and administrative support that a successful development project needs.

A dedicated team with experienced project managers can ensure the timely delivery of a quality product, with expensive mistakes during development minimized. The one-stop shop that is designed to custom web application development services, appeals to many clients. Often they do not have the required time or expertise to build and manage an in-house team of their own. A professional web application development company will disrupt the client’s business as little as possible, while they source the best talents and form your own dedicated development team.

3 KEY steps if you consider to hire someone to build a website for you

#1 – Identify what you need or want

Identify what you need or want

Find website development companies that specialize in what your project needs. If it is WordPress and web design experts you need, for example, tailor your search accordingly. It is important to search extensively for the right vendor, one that fits both the project and the client’s own organizational intricacies.

Potential outsourcing software development companies need to be questioned extensively about how they operate and if they are capable of making your plan into a reality. Have questions prepared and don’t be satisfied until they are answered. Will there be a prototype or a mock-up? What are the plans for worst-case scenarios or potential pitfalls down the line?

Once you have chosen a vendor that you believe can reliably outsource web development or other development needs, the more details you provide them with about what you need the better. It is at this planning stage that expectations are established and road-maps are laid out, the more information on the project’s requirements that are shared, the closer the team of outsource web developers will come to executing an accurate reflection of the project’s overall aims.

#2 – Make sure you are open for communication

Make sure you are open for communication

After the initial delivery of the project’s expectations and requirements, ongoing communication channels need to be established. When you outsource web development to a vendor, it is vital to pre-empt any potential problems with time differences or cultural considerations.

This can be done by compromising on a communication schedule that provides the client transparency and the level of regular contact that suits their business needs. The array of project management tools now available has removed many of the concerns over a communication disconnect with an offshore development team.

Software such as Slack and Teamweek allow the client to track progress and the upcoming schedule easily on a day to day basis. This is not only useful as a means to monitor the company they have chosen for web development outsourcing, but as an opportunity to give ongoing feedback or input to the development team. The Project Manager’s job is to mediate between the client and the dedicated development team and to make sure any dissatisfaction is dealt with at the earliest stage of development possible.

#3 – Trust and co-operate with your partner

Trust and co-operate with your partner

What the client communicates during software development plan and through feedback will be broken down into small tasks or sprints that will guide the project towards its ultimate end, through a series of milestones set along the way. This is how an Agile development process works and it requires a great deal of trust and collaboration between all the stakeholders, as there are many small decisions and iterations to be made. If the trust and collaboration are not present it can slow progress to a standstill.

The question however arises, how can you trust a company on the other side of the world that you have never met in person or even visited their offices? What do you know about their recruitment process, their project manager’s background, their portfolio or how they look after their employees? What testing procedures do they follow and what security measures do they have in place? If you have asked the right questions and completed background checks, you may just find a long-term business partner, which is the only true way to build lasting trust and understanding between the parties.

Where is the best place for web development outsourcing

how to outsource web development and still sleep well at night?

The age of the internet and the plethora of communication tools and online marketplaces available today has brought about a smaller world for those planning to outsource web development. The question of where to outsource has been replaced in importance by, to whom to outsource to, where will offer the best balance of cost-effectiveness to quality and where does your project fit in?

Of course, there are a few practical considerations regarding potential outsourcing destinations; political stability, the language proficiency of a country’s coders and the technical capacity of the population can all be considered. However finding a vendor that understands their company’s values and crucially the project’s requirements, is what will lead to a finished product and a satisfied client. Location is secondary and often a labor cost based decision.

Prospective clients are increasingly looking to software development outsourcing companies to take advantage of low wage costs and the booming tech sector. Engaging a professional outsourcing company in-country can remove any language or administrative issues that may arise and offer a smooth recruitment and on-boarding process.

For this to lead to a successful overall project, the client needs to know what they want, communicate it and stay involved through the project’s evolution. fram^ is a leading web application development company in Vietnam that offers a complete range of services tailored to your need. To find out what we can offer your business, get in touch today for a free consultation.  


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