Does Vietnam software outsourcing meet expectations? No, it’s beyond.

Blog posts 03 January, 2019 Sean Boyle & Ha Bui

IT outsourcing Vietnam industry: A new outlook

Software development is an expensive, complex journey even when everything goes according to plan. Business analysis, research and design can cause costs to skyrocket before development begins and that is before considering testing, launch and maintenance costs.

The truth is it takes a lot of different skill-sets to produce a high quality piece of software and it is expensive to assemble such a team. In emerging markets like Vietnam, low labor costs and a large talent pool make it an obvious location for IT outsourcing companies.

Changing perceptions

The face of Vietnam has changed immeasurably in the past 30 years since it first opened its door to the wider world. Today the country’s economic growth rivals that of China, with a rise of just over 7% in 2018, making it the most substantial increase in the last decade.

According to analysts from The World Bank, one of the main factors behind the booming economy is the heavy public investment made in human and physical capital. By making the internet accessible and affordable to access and by investing in education, the country is harnessing its biggest asset, its people. Vietnam software development outsourcing has evolved rapidly as a result.

Strategic engagement

An out of sight, out of mind approach to outsourcing software development is a recipe for disaster. Collaboration is key; there needs to be clear communication channels and efficient project management protocols established from the outset with the software development company.

If you google, “IT software outsourcing company in Vietnam”, for example, you will find page upon page of vendors and as you would expect, a wide range of competency. Those that will deliver the very best results and an efficient development process, will not be interested in a hands-off, short-term partnership.

An elite offshore software company will want to co-create the product with you, as its success will be a reflection of their capabilities. Vietnam outsourcing companies are increasingly offering more innovative software outsourcing services, with greater vendor responsibility and continues optimization and sustainability after release.

The top software outsourcing companies in Vietnam have international expertise and the ability to find the very best developers. They can provide a partnership for the full life-cycle of the product with ongoing strategic consultancy.

Long-term investment in young talents

Due to significant investment in primary education, infrastructure, and market-friendly policies, there is now a young tech-minded population, with high-performing coders and a booming start-up scene. According to Neil Fraser, a software engineer at Alphabet Inc’s Google who visited local schools:

“Vietnam has the highest-performing computer science students I’ve ever encountered, the exercises I watched them solve, would be considered challenging problems for a Google hiring interview”.

Panasonic and Toshiba who have long held factories in the country
are now moving into research and development, supporting the view that Vietnam is a hotbed of emerging tech talent.

Look for software development, look to Vietnam!

With a young population capable of producing world-class software, it is easy to see why so many multi-national companies are looking to software outsourcing in Vietnam. With long-term partnerships, vendors have the opportunity to become experts on their client’s operations and business ethos, enabling them to deliver and maintain custom-built products.

The very best software companies in Vietnam do not consider themselves outsourcing companies, their vision, and expertise lie in developing software. They must find developers who share their passion and are at the very top of their field.

If you can find a vendor that can source the best talent for a project, has the infrastructure and expertise to project manage and collaborate efficiently, it is not just a chance to save money on development; it is an opportunity to find your business the long-term partner it needs. Is it time for your business to consider offshore software development Vietnam? Contact fram^ now! 

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