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Company Trip & Charity 2019 – The Joy of Giving and Receiving

September 12, 2019

On 22 – 24 of August 2019, our fram^ family organized a company trip to Buon Me Thuot, where we explored Dray Nur – the most beautiful and magnificent waterfall in Central Highlands, and made a local charity. The 3-day journey seems short but places so many unforgettable feelings and memories in all participants’ hearts. 

Let’s have a look at the finest moments throughout the trip here! 


The trip actually started with an internal donation event. All framers joined in enthusiasm to collect as many as possible, such as school supplies, toys and clothes. These gifts were contributed to a larger present that fram^ hopes to bring happiness and encouragement to the poor ethnic children.

In the early morning of 22 August, framers gather at the office at 5:30am. Although the 8-hour journey to the destination was long, it was not boring at all as we spent time on bus playing funny games and activities. We arrived at 3:00pm and freely enjoyed the night as well as relaxed and prepared health and spirit for the next day. 

Our 2nd team building day named “Race to Success” started in a full red of fram^ T-shirts and a fiery spirit. Divided into 4 teams, on the 15 km way to explore the Dray Nur waterfall, our framers competed through the most exciting and adventurous activities such as decoding, biking, trekking and swimming. We played until exhausted.   

In preparation for our hungry stomachs was such a delicious gala dinner. The party was officially started after a small speech of our CEO & Co-founder Max Bergman and COO & Co-Founder Duy Vu about our achievements so far as well as our next goals. During the dinner was again the funniest activities for everyone to join. We laughed so hard until mid-night.

Last but not least, perhaps the most special thing in this journey is no difference but the charity in which we organized frantic activities with the children such as coloring and dying clothes before giving out 250 gifts of school bags and supplies. The 3-hour journey on farm trucks under the hot sun was so worthy when we saw the smiles of the children when receiving our gifts.  

Also in the trip a song was born, thanks so much our talented Linh Nguyen. As what the lyrics express, we hope that everyone gets the motivation to work harder towards the company trip next year that’s going to be further and funnier. 


We are fram^ – one spirit, one mind

Better company? Doubt you can find

Every cell in our bodies screaming – fram^ first! 

Our hearts filled with pride and they nearly burst


Our Chairman – Chris – should be proud of us all

We stand up and go forward, even after we fall 

We are fearless, fierce, we are here to build – 

Asia’s new IT monster, tell me – aren’t you all thrilled?


Our race to success full of hardships, but fun

Our company spirit is second to none 

Standing teams are expanding and ventures are growing

But the best is yet to come – our future is glowing


Fram^ is so damn amazing, I am not gonna lie 

We are all going up, we are ready to fly 

So let’s spread our wings, do our best, don’t relax

We’re fighters, we’re builders, we’ll win, won’t we, Max?

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