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Software development 09 July, 2019 Sean Boyle & Ha Bui

The benefits of Vietnam software outsourcing are so clear but if your plan also involves establishing the whole brand in a local market, the problems can prove even more daunting. In Vietnam, for example, red tape, cultural intricacies, and misknowledge of the local market can all appear to be insurmountable barriers. This is when our “Build Operate Transfer (BOT)” model, besides fram^ Standing Teams™ and fram^ Engineering Hub, enters the fray.

The BOT approach involves engaging an offshore outsourcing company, building not only the software development but the business establishment in a market place. After an agreed time-frame, the whole operation is transferred into the client’s hands.

How we work this model

BOT build-operate-transfer model

Hire a development team of experts you need

Once engaged, fram^ works together with the client to set the expectations, goals and the planned trajectory of the project. Armed with an understanding of the client’s business, we then source a location, recruit and establish your own, dedicated development team of top IT talents in Vietnam, before securing intellectual property rights.

The company’s entire infrastructure is built with the client having as much or as little input as they desire. By choosing a partner that are experts in the BOT model, the client can rest assured they have extensive market knowledge on their side and a solid idea of exactly who their target customer is.

Operate in full responsibility and transparency

Combining the client’s business expertise and fram^’s specialist software development services, the business is well placed to enter the market. Dedicated team members are recruited and trained to the required standards, legal formalities are taken care of, with the overall running of the project lying in the hands of the offshore company.

The responsibility for each component of the business will be dictated by the contract in place between the parties, creating a transparent process which follows the client’s vision for the project. Accounting, HR, and compliance, plus, product support, maintenance and upgrades, will all fall under fram^’s duties.

Transfer the BOT team over as a wholly-owned part of your business

When you are ready, typically after 18 – 24 months, the whole project is transferred into your hands, including all of the assets, staff and intellectual property, the business in its entirety. This can be at a predetermined time or when specific metrics have been hit by the company or its software.

The “Build Operate Transfer” relationship does not have to end here; however, as the client can retain their IT outsourcing companies on a consultancy or operational basis for the long-term.

Why should you choose the “Build Operate Transfer” model with fram^?

Save a large budget until it proves to succeed

No consideration of the BOT model can avoid the question of cost. By adopting this approach, you can reap the many rewards of offshore outsourced development. By accessing a qualified dedicated development team, in a low-cost market, labor, software development costs and other overheads are reduced. The diversification of resources also leads to increased efficiency and a faster time to market for the product.

Immediate access to a specialist team

The cost of building software in-house and implementing it in a far-flung market can prove too high even for established companies. A “build-operate-transfer” agreement with a reputable firm means a highly skilled dedicated development team can be hand-picked, ensuring a quality end-product is delivered. Rather than trying to do everything by yourself, you can now focus on your own areas of expertise.

Fully custom to your needs

By its very design, this is a scalable model for launching a product or entering a marketplace. The transparency of the process and close working relationship with their offshore development team means that the client retains control in reality.

The reduced risk from shared responsibility and robust quality assurance protocol mean that the project can be scaled up or down according to the client’s wishes and requirements at the time. A well-established outsourced software developer will be highly competent recruiters and can put management teams in place to make the project self-sustaining, with thorough onboarding and knowledge sharing systems in place.


The beauty of “build operate and transfer model” is that it is the client’s decision about how the whole process will unfold. Both parties agree on terms before commencing the partnership, and if all goes according to plan, it should be the start of a long collaboration between the client and the vendor. The former acquire not only an extended IT department but also a business partner that can smooth the path to market considerably.

Jumping into a new market without the right domestic insight can be a recipe for disaster for multinational companies, never mind small start-ups and entrepreneurs. By finding the right partner for the long term, a cost-effective, fully operational product or business can be the end result. With 12 successful venture launches to date, fram^ is the perfect local partner in your next stage of business growth.

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