Fram^ Launched A New Office in Da Nang, Vietnam

News & PR 10 March, 2017 Hoai Thanh

fram^ ‘s new office started off with our third office in Danang city.

Great year starts with great news. We are very excited to kick off the new year with terrific fram^ news, and the latest one of those in this year so far is that fram^’s third office is officially opened.

Taking steps into the fourth year of fram^, our third office is an obvious output of framers’ driven and effective actions as we have been spreading our reach to larger markets. Over the years have we gained an uncountable number of achievements, also doubled company size. As the result, we are in need of room for our existing talents and more to come to shine and develop.

With the city’s steady progress as a digital hub as well as its great environment, nature and landscape, Danang was the natural choice for the third fram^ office. Furthermore, there are a variety of reasons why fram^ chose Indochina Riverside Tower to be our third location which is mostly due to its convenience in both physical environment and benefits it could offer to framers:

Perfect location – Convenient Transportation

Stunning view over Han River from  fram^ ‘s new office place.

As fram^ expands our footprint across Vietnam in our search for top 2% IT talents and this is why we now open the third office in the sprawling IT-scene of Danang. Facing Han River, fram^’s third office provides staff with scenic view in the heart of Danang’s energetic and sleepless district. It takes framers a short amount of time to reach the office due to its ideal position and only 10 minutes to approach Danang International Airport or Railway station, ensuring no difficulties in transportation preventing “framers” from their path to inspiration.

Well-furnished Facilities

fram^ ‘s new office is fully-furnished with sufficient facilities.

If you have ever got chance to set foot in fram^’s headquarters in Ho Chi Minh city, you would for sure be satisfied with the design of our third office. Along with modern interior, fully-furnished facilities including working supplies to foods & beverages utensils are offered to “framers” so that they would be able to work at their own effective pace.

Attractive Benefits

Attractive benefits are assured at fram^ ‘s third workspace.

Besides physical elements of fram^’s third office, we commit new-coming members to receiving all attractive benefits just as existing framers in Ho Chi Minh City do. From weekly Happy Friday with Beer Time to recurring field programs, we also are a big family as we have usual events for alignments or public holidays to tighten the relationship between members. “Framers” are ensured of self-development in your time working at fram^.

With an open workspace and scenic view over the Danang river, we wish the members a productive and energizing environment. To all rock star candidates of Danang, fram^ still sends out a call to apply for all our exciting digital roles at fram^’s new Danang office today!

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