Santa Ho-ho-hoedown at Fram^ 2019

News & PR 24 December, 2019 Ha Bui

Yesterday on Dec 23rd, Fram^ held an annual Christmas party for it’s employees and significant others. This time, we want to make it simple and warm, just as a family gathering. The party was held at no-more-special place than our home, Fram^ office. The night view of the city, imported and domestic beers, and the flowing tequila made for a very joyous occasion. 

The holiday party went off without a hitch. At exactly 6pm when the bell rings, people shut down their computers and gathered with a drink in their hand within five minutes. As “It’s no use preaching to a hungry man” (Có thực mới vực được đạo), we enjoyed the buffet party with turkey, fruit and cake. 

Besides eating and drinking, Framers participated in a super funny game (as we joked like we were in an IELTS Listening Test). There are five popular Christmas songs with lyrics read by Google at a light speed, the ones who can say correctly the names of the songs will be the winners and have the chance to choose a present. I was basically out of the game as I heard NOTHING when people raised their hands all the time *huhu*. 

And finally, with gifts exchanged, the party drew to a close with framers swapping Christmas well wishes and expressing excitement for the year ahead. To all Framers, there’s no more fitting time than now to THANK YOU for what you’ve done to Fram^ and to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Fram^ is a leading Scandinavian-Vietnamese IT Engineering and Venture Building. fram^ helps companies to build dedicated software development teams of top 2% Vietnamese IT engineers and other online-focused talents. Let’s visit our website for information on our services or contact us via [email protected]!

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