Top 6+ Reasons Why Magento is the Best Choice for eCommerce Development

By Kim Thanh   |   December 2, 2020

Over the last few years, the “S” country has witnessed the dramatic growth of eCommerce development with the rising number of merchants using online platforms as the key distribution channel. It results from a range of factors that is crucially caused by the change in consumer-buying behaviors. Suppliers are urged to do their best-finding solutions to grow their businesses and better provide clients with more satisfying experience. This is when Magento eCommerce development becomes the key to success.

It is believed that the outstanding features of Magento in eCommerce development are various. Compared to the traditional retail industry with mortar businesses that requires very high costs of operation, using an online platform such as Magento has marked a milestone in retail. Likewise, operators are competent to expand and raise their trades at a global level by many functions Magento provides.

The eCommerce companies do not only build a separate carrier for individuals but also integrate perfectly a group of retailers into one distributing channel, creating a competitive marketplace for these suppliers to grow and develop. Lazada Vietnam, for example, was the first eCommerce platform in Vietnam. Christopher Beselin – Chairman & Co-founder of Fram^, was CEO & Co-founder of before it was sold to Alibaba Group at $3.2 billion value.

Why Magento over other eCommerce platforms? 

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms at the moment. The platform supports eCommerce development from the ground up and is highly-regarded by client companies, thanks to its capabilities to create a comprehensive and superior shopping experience for avid online customers. 

There are two Magento eCommerce development solutions on offer for businesses of all sizes to choose from: 

  • Magento Open Source (previously known as Magneto Community) is a free version,  available for access and utilization by anyone.  
  • Magento Commerce (previously known as Magento Enterprise) is the paid edition that allows businesses to elevate their operations to a new level with a multitude of additional features. You can try out the demo version of Magento Commerce by providing some information about your business here

Cumulatively, the strengths of the Magento platform comes from its dedication in enabling corporations to establish eCommerce websites with all necessary features for facilitating business transactions and catering to customers’ unique demands. 

Explore more on how to build a complete eCommerce website with our blog on “10 Simple Steps to Process Your eCommerce Web Development“. 

Otherwise, read on to find out in detail the many reasons that make Magento a viable choice for the migration of your business to the online playground. 

1. Magento enhances your business’s conversion rate through the provision of a frictionless checkout process

Magento eCommerce websites cover a wide range of payment options: from offline solutions (by check, by money order or cash on delivery) to online methods (through gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, Klarna), giving potential customers the flexibility and autonomy in settling payment. The inclusion of a variety of checkout methods in Magento eCommerce development reduces the friction that customers may have and thus improve their experience and the willingness to spend on-site. 

On another note, Magento offers an even simpler checkout experience for customers when making repeat purchases with the availability of Instant Purchase feature. When this feature is enabled on your eCommerce website, customers can automatically fill the information from their past purchases for the current shopping cart and go through the entire checkout process effortlessly in just one or two clicks, effectively shortening and improving the buying journey.    

2. Magento empowers your online expansion on a global scale 

Scaling businesses up in Magento is made easy without any hassle involved. The multi-store feature on Magento Commerce gives businesses the ability to manage the growth of different websites that cater to different brands, customers segments and even regions collectively. 

Instead of having to jump around to keep track of everything, Magento website owners shall have information regarding all of their many websites stored on a single admin interface, where they can analyze and compare the performance across channels easily, effectively simplifying the administration process. 

Moreover, in expanding the businesses to other parts of the world, Magento prioritizes the localization of the shopping experience on eCommerce websites so as to be suitable with foreign countries’ customs. 

Therefore, besides the provision of the local currencies, payment methods and languages, Magento also empower businesses with regional extensions and integrators to further streamlining the immersion of eCommerce websites into the new cultures, giving online customers from other geographies a sense of familiarity, ultimately enhancing their willingness to buy and the revenue for eCommerce companies. 

3. Magento lets you flex your creativity with a comprehensive eCommerce website customization.

According to a web credibility project conducted by Stanford, a useful and professionally designed website enhances the trust in its visitors.  

Besides equipping websites with basic built-in features, Magento also provides a variety of add-ons for business owners to tailor the look and feel of the websites up to their own standards. Thousands of both free and paid extensions are tested for quality before being  hosted on the Magento Marketplace for easy installation. 

Last but not least, Magento Commerce is integrated with Adobe Stock. The integration grants web developers the permission to freely utilize licensed Adobe Stock assets (photos, videos and other media) for their Magento eCommerce development projects. Therefore, designing an attractive eCommerce website is not a complicated task on Magento

4. Magento leverages your eCommerce website with powerful marketing capabilities

A well-developed and rich-in-feature eCommerce website shall not fare well in terms of revenue if it cannot attract customers to visit and compel them to make the purchase decision. Therefore, corporations should invest great efforts in marketing and gaining greater visibility on the Internet surface. 

With that knowledge in mind, the Magento platform comes with a standard suite of features for businesses to utilize and execute marketing campaigns for their website: sitemaps, meta tags, URL, descriptions, coupon codes, search engine friendly URLs, promotional pricing, newsletter and remarketing email management, etc. 

Should you have any other specific demands, the Magento Marketplace with various marketing extensions for enterprises to incorporate in their websites may have just what you need.

The harmonized combination between the built-in features and purchasable add-ons included in the Magento eCommerce development process shall positively affect the ranking of the websites on search engines, promising a larger volume of traffic into sites and ultimately a higher conversion rate from leads to sales.  

5. Magento supports the personalization of customer journey on eCommerce websites

Individuality is being appreciated more than ever, and that is true for every aspect of life, including purchasing experience and behaviors. In fact, many consumers express the desire to receive product recommendations that are tailored to their interests. Hence, the creation of a bespoke shopping experience for every customer is bound to make your eCommerce website stand out among the many competitors on the market. 

Fortunately, personalizing the purchasing journey is easier than ever when it comes to Magento eCommerce development. Magento allows the advanced segmentation of customers on different attributes: browsing history, products in the shopping cart, purchasing record, profile information, etc. Once segmented, Magento eCommerce website owners can then rely on the assistance of Adobe Sensei and approach customers with complete personalized product recommendations, further enhancing their overall satisfaction.  

6. Magento boasts a robust community 

As mentioned before, Magento is currently one of the top-tier eCommerce platforms, with over 196,000 live websites built with Magento. This fact justifies the thriving Magento community of eCommerce business owners and experienced developers who have been making tremendous contributions to the growth of Magento over the years. 

In addition to that, the official website of Magento houses a great number of guidelines, case studies and insightful advice from certified developers on the topic of Magento eCommerce development. Newcomers can definitely benefit from such an extensive database in facilitating their own online businesses. 

For Magento Commerce users, 24/7 technical support from Magento employees is also available to address any issues that may arise at the earliest notice. The constant support ensures the smooth operations of eCommerce websites, providing potential customers with a better navigation experience, ultimately raising the revenue for eCommerce businesses.   


All in all, businesses are equipped with limitless possibilities and flexibility for customization in Magento eCommerce development. However, it is worth mentioning that taking full advantage of those capabilities that Magento has to offer requires an ample amount of capital investment, plus an extensive technical know-how in developing an eCommerce website. Hence, it is a wise decision to employ a reputable custom software company in building your own Magento eCommerce website.

Over the last 7 years, fram^, as a leading custom software development company in Vietnam, has been providing guidance in developing eCommerce businesses from the ground up. Our experience and expertise in the area has tremendously contributed to our ability in gaining the trust and long-term collaboration with leading corporations. Get in touch with us right at this moment and start concretizing your ideal online store with our custom eCommerce development services!

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