Magento: The Secret to Succeed in eCommerce Development

October 30, 2019

Over the last few years, the “S” country has witnessed the dramatic growth of ecommerce development with the rising number of merchants using online platforms as the key distribution channel. It results from a range of factors that is crucially caused by the change in consumer-buying behaviors. Suppliers are urged to do their best-finding solutions to grow their businesses and better provide clients with more satisfying experience. This is when Magento ecommerce development becomes the key to success.

It is believed that the outstanding features of Magento in ecommerce development are various. Compared to the traditional retail industry with mortar businesses that requires very high costs of operation, using an online platform such as Magento has marked a milestone in retail. Likewise, operators are competent to expand and raise their trades at a global level by many functions Magento provides.

Magento Vietnam is the key to success in ecommerce

The B2B2C ecommerce companies do not only build a separate carrier for individuals but also integrate perfectly a group of retailers into one distributing channel, creating a competitive market for these suppliers to grow and develop. Lazada Vietnam, for example, was the first ecommerce platform in Vietnam. Christopher Beselin – Chairman & Co-founder of Fram^, was CEO & Co-founder of before it was sold to Alibaba Group at $3.2 billion value.


why use magento in ecommerce development

Although Magento has a lot of advantages, let’s check out the most three fundamental features why Magento is preferable in the whole process of ecommerce website development.

1. Flexibility

The Magento ecommerce development companies and their customers are properly two objects that most benefit when it comes to applying this type of open source platform.

Flexibility in the functions of Magento provides the operators with complete control of both the back and front interfaces of their online businesses. Catalog and Product-related functions let them operate their businesses in the way that best magnetizes consumers. And so, suppliers can add on as many products as they wish, as long as the server is able to handle.

The customers, on the other hand, are catered to a range of options that assist in sorting out products they look for easily. What’s more? Product Tag and Review-related options help to gain even more profits for them to evoke the curiosity that influences shopper behaviors.

It also enables Magento ecommerce developers to make up and polish the channel as convenient as they aim. With extensions provided and updated punctually by the publisher, servers are more adaptable to shift the market and meet fundamental requirements as well as the expectation of customers.

2. Speed

Being the winner of speed and performance, Magento is once again credited in comparison to other platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce. Speed is the prerequisite condition that decides the matter of failure or success of an online business, for even 1/1000 second in processing query of ecommerce channels conveys decisive meaning contributing to the ratio of landing chances to potential customers.

Not only speed but performance of Magento plays a vital role in this game as well. Imagine that one CMS wins over speed but somehow gets broken down when CCU is extremely high at a time? It will definitely causes a bad experience to customers and affects the revenue. It is another drawback that no ecommerce companies expect if the being platform could not handle the issue. Magento is favored by these features that for all it costs is a click that helps customers now purchase the exact items they want without wasting time for traffic or subjective factors.

Consequently, Magento ecommerce development in Vietnam indeed brings upon the change in customer behaviors, replacing habits of shopping at physical places by digital shopping. Furthermore, owners get more profit from a great number of customers at once.

3. SEO Friendly

SEO-friendly is a commonly known fact about Magento that is not an exception since the digital world was invading in. Vietnam is reported as one of top 20 countries having the highest number of internet users. And so, it would be a waste if retailers do not make use of this advantage to increase their revenues by branding their names via search engines.

Magento ecommerce development agencies in Vietnam are not obstructed from SEO options already built in. It is a common belief for how important Title, Keyword and Meta description is to search engines and helps to gain the number of visits to the user’s page. This amazing platform allows users to develop and optimize their channel by all of those above.

Sufficient features to win over ecommerce of Magento Vietnam

Overall, with the growing economy, retailers of ecommerce in Vietnam are in rush to find and reinforce their consistency in the competitive market. Magento ecommerce development is a perfect choice since it supplies users with almost everything they need to build a strong framework for their businesses.

As a full-service provider in Vietnam, fram^ offers the complete range of Magento ecommerce development services needed to accelerate and maintain a high-performance site. Over the past 5 years, fram^ has built developed custom ecommerce development solutions for many online business around the world.

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