Practical Tips to Choose Your Right Offshore Software Development Company Partner

By Ha Bui   |   December 16, 2020

It’s currently a priority for companies to keep up with the light speed of technological development but usually they often find difficulties in spending a huge budget for hiring and managing in-house development teams, not to mention the lack of skilled developers. That’s when offshore software development to emerging markets like Vietnam becomes a life-buoy that offers top digital talent at an affordable price.  

However, the challenges don’t stop there when there are thousand options of offshore software development company for selection. Just as getting a right technological partner powers you to stay ahead, choosing a wrong one will give you more troubles. Here are some of our practical experiences that may help you to choose an ideal partner for a long-run. 

Establish long-term business goals and strategies

Establish long-term business goals and strategies for choosing the right offshore software development company partner

Offshoring development is designed to be long-term; so before you start finding an offshore development partner, it’s compulsory that you define your business goals clearly or else it will be difficult for you to make a decision as well as the offshore service providers to propose what fits you best. It’s strongly advised that you have a clear view of what you expect such as offshoring time, expertise, team size, skill level and other key details. 

When you already have a clear overall picture in your mind, accordingly, you can come up with the criteria that an offshore software development company should have to fit your needs. For example, if you’re anticipating offshore for a 3 to 5-year period, your partner should offer proven stable growth, high-quality development, plus flexibility and adaptability to your requirements.

Remember tips for choosing the right technological partner 

Remember tips for choosing the right offshore software development company partner

1. Get referrals from the people you trust

Referrals are always the best way to choose something because you’re getting the real feedback from trusted sources such as your friends or colleagues, especially people who are also working on digital products like you. 

If you can’t find anyone around your network, you can try contacting the clients of your potential partner directly and ask about their experiences. And if they’re also introduced from another one then you’ve found the bright candidate. Remember to take note down carefully all the comments so that you can make a comparison between options later! 

2. Explore work histories and success stories 

Whether you find your potential list from referrals or on the Internet, it’s essential to explore their case studies in detail. You may prefer to work with providers who have had experience working with projects that are similar to yours because it will shorten the familiarization process; but it’s not compulsory. 

You should also expect to see the highlights in their excellent expertise and top-quality deliverables that significantly contribute to the success of any product they have worked on. You can also check around their current employees’ levels to see if they’re excellent and skillful to your expectations like their average years of experience, awards, etc. 

3. Investigate management capabilities and cultural fit

A recent study by Professor Shamsul Sahibuddin from the University of Technology, Malaysia, alongside Dr. Mohd Hairul Nizam Nasir reveals that 94% of offshore development projects fail because of the ineffectiveness in remote working environments, especially a poor management that is not strong enough to handle typical offshoring challenges such as time zone and language differences. 

To ensure success of the project, it’s crucial to find a partner who shows you how they work successfully remotely. Explore what makes their management capability robust and convincing enough for you to feel confident working with them. Fram^, for example, helps clients to leverage top Vietnamese talent but follow European management style and work in English daily, to increase cultural fit and teamwork quality at the end. 

4. Evaluate cost-effectiveness, not the cost

Talking about the cost, it often depends on the offshore development models that you choose and there are currently three popular of them: 

*Project-based model with fixed cost:

This model is often suitable for small trial projects that have a clear and detailed plan in advance. This can keep you far away from any budget fluctuations but on the contrary, it will prevent you from any changes or additional requirements needed in the middle of the project. 

*Project-based model with flexible cost:

This model works in a similar way with the above but would be adjustable along the way to meet your requirements. However, there is still a limited range of flexibility that requests a clear required functions and technical of the projects. 

*Team-based model with monthly cost:

This is the most flexible, scalable and chosen working model currently. You’re provided with a software development team that is dedicated to you and recruited with the skillset to your needs. They will work with you directly on a daily basis just like an in-house team but can be changed flexibly to your needs. Also as they’re dedicated to one project, they will have a better understanding of your products and contribute more ideas to its success. 

Every business solution will finally come down to the price but let’s consider cost in the right way. If two providers offer you different costs, don’t just choose the cheaper one. What really matters is the value. Let’s explore why the cost of one is higher than the others, they may offer you a strong team of senior developers that have the best skills you request. The quality of your product will surely be much higher at the end. 

fram^ is a Swedish-Vietnamese offshore software development company that offers you the best offshore development team of top developers in Vietnam. Generally, we try to hire good team-players with the right attitude and approach. We have always been REMOTE BY DESIGN in our Managed IT Services, delivering efficiency and giving access to a global talent pool. 

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