Take Advantage of Outsourcing Software Development Companies – Read These 8 Tips

August 13, 2019

When you need to find software development companies to outsource, it is equivalent to hiring construction contractors to build your new home. What are we talking about? A professional software development company can assist you to create the best software you need. You will surely want to work with skilled contractors who can provide you the best quality services you require.

If you run a particular business, you should look for the right software development firm in Vietnam to add value to the design and marketing organizations. If you plan to start your new company, develop the correct business strategies that are likely to break the company industry’s standards. If you don’t have enough expertise, hiring a professional software developer is the best choice you should consider. 

You can’t just flip a coin to choose one contractor from a group when searching for a software development company to outsource your project. Fram^ recommends that you should be careful and attentive to choose the best software development company in Vietnam.

Below are the excellent tips to make your choice simpler because they will guide you in selecting the best software development company.   

1.Select a firm that’s flexible and accustomed to different methodologies

The best software development companies scale and adjust to the development and evolution of the business. Such software development will introduce incremental modifications without negotiations; this is why you need to pick a software provider who can quickly adapt to your existing working process. 

The best software development company in Vietnam works in line with flexibility and openness because they understand that without cooperation it is impossible to deliver custom software development services that truly satisfy the needs and expectations of their clients.

2. Build a shortlist of developers with strong business skills

Outsourcing software development companies in Vietnam often lack the business competencies despite excelling in all areas of programming. You need to put together a list of top custom development companies that are equipped with strong business skills and understand your business.

You don’t need just any software development company that provides software development services and nothing more. You need a software developer company that can build software based on converting your needs into business-led functionalities. Fram^ ‘s professional business analysts work along with the developers, at no extra cost, to make sure the products will meet both technical and business expectations. 

Ask the outsourcing software development companies on your list to provide you with a case study in software engineering of their past clients. Companies that are good at what they do and have completed projects successfully again and again will happily refer you to past clients to confirm their skills and capabilities. 

Contact past clients of each software developer company as such confirmation is key if you want to have a relaxing relationship with the software development firm of your choice. Now that your shortlist is even shorter proceed to the next step in your verification process.

You can now check technical due diligence for the outsourcing software development companies on your shortlists. The technical due diligence assessment ensures the company you have chosen has the development ability and skills to produce a project on time.

3. Turn customer needs into project objectives

Custom software development is not about executing a project, but about preparing the objectives and purpose of your future project irrespective of current constraints. Software consulting companies of Vietnam helps you to get a better understanding of the expectations of your customers.

You can focus on overcoming existing constraints later, but you first need to translate what your customers need into the objective of your project. The software can make or break a business; you must capture what can enrich and advance your brand at this stage, not later. The best way to do it is to understand your customers and their needs and expectations.

4. Select developers with a passion for integration and communication

You want an offshore development company that is constantly seeking to improve the process of development. Such a business will enjoy meeting review and point out that they understand your expectations and you understand their expectations. 

In today’s world, the accent is on high-performance, quality services rather than cost. You can obtain a quality software product if you work with a company that values communication and integration, elements that are key to successful project development.

Here are three aspects on choosing a software development company when working:

  • Select a development company that’s adaptive to changes and flexible to different working styles
  • Select a development company that uses or is able to switch to the same project management tool that you are using
  • Select a development company that is accessible, available for communication on a daily basis on matter most 

5. Stay away from the cheapest offers 

Sometimes, you are too poor to buy cheap things, which means that quality must be the prevalent factor when you make a purchase. The cheapest things are the most expensive. Therefore, try not to pick the least expensive software development company.

In the end, you will undoubtedly pay much more than if you chose one of the more expensive custom software development service providers. Why will you pay more? Here are some of the reasons why you end up paying more at the end of the project:

  • A cheap offer means that the development firm will not test the product, the product will be difficult to maintain and/or work on, and the code is defectively written.
  • A cheap offer does not include ownership of the source code, although you did pay for product development. You will end up with a license for the software product or a bundled code.
  • A cheap offer usually entails abysmal communication, lack of experience, as well as lack of transparency in all aspects of the development process.

Cheap is not cost-effective and cost-effective is what you need. Yes, you will pay less when you start the project, but you will pay the actual price later when you may even need to rewrite the entire software. That is why you need to stay away from the cheapest offers.

6. Choose trust and integrity over cost

Trust and integrity are two essential attributes of the best software development company. Yes, trust and honesty come at a cost, and you may not be able to go down the cheapest path, but it will ensure that there are no rough edges to deal with when the project is done.

7. Look for a software company with business expertise

As a business, you need a software development company that can build custom software that integrates into your business and allows you to meet your proposed business goals. It is very important that you work with a developer that understands the business world.

It is even better if you select a development company with excellent business skills as well as experience developing projects within a similar or the same industry/area of business. Besides IT Engineering, fram^ ‘s years of experience on building ventures from scratch strengthen business expertise. 

8. Size matters: Go with companies with enough resources and a personal touch

You need a blend of personal service and resources to deal successfully with large projects. That is the ideal combination that you are looking for in a software development company.

You don’t need a company that is too small to handle big projects, not a company that is too large to manage projects with a personal touch or one that feels that they are too large to deal with small projects. You should start with the recommended size for a development team but make sure that the outsourcing software development companies have the resources to scale up as well as a client-focused approach. 


It is not easy to select the best software development company for your specific needs. There are many aspects that you need to pay attention to and, hopefully, these tips can help to guide your decision-making process in the right direction.

Accelerate your business with a dedicated development team tailored to your needs. As responsive as your own-in-house engineers, and affordable as a traditional offshore agency, fram^ brings you the best of both worlds. Fram^ operates three different service models, which work either independently, or together, as a fully-customized software engineering service.

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