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The Handful Things You Need to Know about Custom Web Development

By Kim Thanh   |   October 6, 2020

Thinking about getting a custom web development for your business and don’t know where to start? Then this article is definitely what you are looking for!

A custom website enhances your business presence

What is custom web development?

Instead of heading right into answering the above question, we would like to first give you an overview of the two core components that make up a website: the front-end and the back-end. 

    • Front-end custom development:

Simply put, the front-end of a website is where the users interact with the website. A custom front-end development solution of the website takes the responsibility in designing the user interface in such a way that it reflects the personality of your business, especially through the use of colors, key visuals of your brand, etc.

    • Back-end custom development:

Meanwhile, the back-end is the underlying architecture hidden away from the users’ eyes, responsible for ensuring the site’s functions and performance. A custom back-end development solution will take your business’s needs into consideration and include only the most necessary functions on your website, instead of integrating the whole range of all available functions and making the website structure cumbersome as a result.

Back to the question at hand, custom web development services can be a custom front-end solution, a custom back-end development, or a combination of both, where the interface is designed to match your visualization and the back-end is fully-equipped with all the functions you want the website to have. A website results from a few tweaks with the user interface of a premade template wouldn’t be called a custom web.

Reasons you need custom web development?

It should be made clear that developing a custom web is no easy task. Especially if you want to optimize it to be a fast-loading, highly-compatible and unique website. If that is the case, there are a lot of tests to be done, either by yourself or through experienced testing services, before the website goes live to ensure smooth operations, making custom website development a long journey. 

Hence, the cost for having a custom solution for a website development shall not be modest. Nevertheless, there are still several reasons that make it sensible for your business to have a custom website in place.

1. A custom solutions give your website an identity

While using templates is a fast and inexpensive approach to building a website, the results would be standardized, rendering you a challenge to stand out among many others. A template is just like a model answer to one problem, it is surely enough to get you a passing grade, yet will not go far in impressing your teacher, or in this case, your customers. 

For a custom web design and development solution, you have total control on how your brand will appear in front of the users’ eyes, without having to follow any predefined art direction. Such freedom in design shall give your website a distinct personality, enhancing the chances customers associate with your brand even more. 

For example, LINGsCARS.com is a custom website with a really “strong” personality, which contributes to making it successful and memorable in the car rental business.

2. A custom solution optimizes your user experience

Unlike with template websites, where you must have all the functions installed since they come along with the package, with custom websites, you can keep only the most essential functions on your website, and omit the rest of the bloat wares out of your source code, allowing the website to perform its task faster.

3. A custom solution leaves room for your website to grow in the long-run

Using templates for your websites may be useful when you are just starting out. However, what cannot be avoided in the long-run is that you will eventually outgrow those templates, hence limiting your ability to expand your business further. 

For custom web design, the web is developed only for your business. Therefore, the architecture will be much better structured than the one-size-fits-all solution, allowing you to optimize or expand the website seamlessly should you want to.

Custom websites are tailored to your business needs

That does not mean that templated websites are bad. Every web development solution has their own merits, and in this case custom websites win over templates in terms of its scalability.

What to consider before proceeding with your custom web development

As stated above, custom web development is not at all a straightforward process. Make sure that you align your preferences with the available resources before settling with a custom solution. Below are several factors that you should consider when placing an order for custom website development services

1. The website purpose

A sense of purpose directs your whole custom website development, especially when placed in the business context. You should always think about what implications a custom website will have on your business to better visualize what should be included on your website. 

For instance, if you are looking to promote your business’s brand awareness, you would want to invest more in front-end custom development to make the website reflect the nature of what your offer as closely as possible and in a consistent manner. 

On the other hand, if your focus is on driving a large volume of traffic with high time-on-site to generate profits from advertising on your website, your best interest would be to provide users with a seamless experience and relevant information on your site. With that purpose in mind, a large portion of your capital resources should go into building a custom and efficient back-end for a better website performance.

2. The target audience of your website

Knowing your audience and their interests allows you to keep the website relevant for them and get them to come back for more.  

Think about what your audience will do on your website. From such knowledge, you can decide what functions to include in your website and adjust accordingly. 

For instance, if you want your visitors to be able to make purchases on your website, then you wouldn’t want the shopping cart and payment gateway to be missing. On the other hand, such features would be unnecessary and a waste of efforts for a website acting as an information portal only. 

One last thing to note is to confirm whether a website is the most efficient channel to reach your customers before making the investment.

3. The estimated cost of your custom website solution

Usually, a web development company can give you a quotation based on your defined visual aspect and the sophistication of the functionalities on your website. Thus, our suggestion for you is to lay out the general specifications for an efficient discussion with your developers.

You should also gauge the cost of a custom web development project against its possible gain in the future. This will help determine the amount of capital resources you want to put into custom website development.

The cost for a custom web solution is various depending on its specific requirements.

4. The driving force behind your custom website development

Your website is just as good as the ones who developed it. Advanced and modern website building technologies mean nothing if the custom web developers are not capable of utilizing them. Therefore, it is recommended that you put serious thought into choosing partners for your custom web development project. An experienced custom software development company may just be the right place to contact. 

Always look into the expertise of your future developers to make sure that they can deliver the results you want. A senior front-end developer probably cannot help you much with a custom back-end solution.


To wrap up, a custom website is definitely a worthy investment for your business to thrive in the long-run. It is the front store that helps you attract and keep customers stay with you. However, conducting a web application development project from scratch is also a challenging process that requires a defined roadmap and well-established purposes to succeed. 

Over the last few years, fram^, a leading custom software development company in Vietnam, has successfully delivered well-performing websites for leading names in various industries, ultimately equipping us with high competency in custom web design and development.  Should you still have any other hesitations regarding the decision to purchase a custom web solution or the in-depth process of how the web will be developed, please feel free to contact us at fram^ for further assistance.

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